Practical Lawn Care Tips For Summer

26608833_lWhen summer arrives, many homeowners look for tips on how to care for their lawns. Fortunately, most grasses are surprisingly resilient, despite their delicate appearance and structure. Therefore, when proper lawn care methods are used, property owners can keep their landscapes looking lush and beautiful even during hot weather.

Obviously, all lawns should be watered on a regular basis when temperatures are warm. However, there are many other summer tips that can also be used to ensure a beautiful lawn is maintained.

Aerate. Homeowners should buy or rent an aerator, which is a device used to punch holes in a yard or lawn. This creates a direct line through which moisture and nutrients can reach the lawn’s root system. Aerating once a month is recommended by most lawn experts.

Fertilize. Following approximately 14 days of watering, a broadcast spreader should be used to apply a balanced fertilizer. However, homeowners should avoid high nitrogen fertilizers, as these could have a detrimental effect on the lawn if extended heat waves occur during summer.

Eliminating Lawn Traffic. It is always a good idea to keep lawn traffic to a minimum. This is because the weight of such activity compacts the soil, which in turn makes it difficult for the grass to absorb moisture.

Weeds. Killing weeds is an essential step in keeping grass beautiful and strong. When weeds are eliminated, more nutrients and moisture are made available to the grass. As the healthy lawn thickens, it will grow stronger and eventually begin to crowd out the weeds on its own.

Chinch Bugs. It is important to stay on the lookout for chinch bugs, which typically appear in the front yard near sidewalks and driveways. If a spreading area of dead, dry grass is noticed, the entire front yard should be treated with an insecticide specifically made for chinch bugs.

Sharpen Mower Blades. It is also wise to regularly sharpen mower blades. This is because the cleaner the cut, the less stress put on the grass during mowing. Keeping an attractive lawn during hot, sunny weather can be a challenging endeavor, but with the tips outlined above and the services of a professional lawn care company when necessary, virtually any individual can maintain a beautiful property.

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Tips For Controlling Garden Pests

11536471_10152937591577083_1148860565218585092_oA well-landscaped garden makes virtually any property complete, but unfortunately there are numerous pests that can cause damage to the grass and plants around your home or business. By following certain tips, however, you can eliminate insect invasions and preserve the beauty of your lawn and garden.

Common Garden Pests:

One type of bug that is particularly troublesome is the fire ant. Such insects often build mounds in strategic places across your landscape, and can administer venomous bites that take several weeks to heal. You may also have problems with flies or mosquitoes, the latter of which are particularly troublesome if you enjoy spending time outside during warm weather.

There are also insects that may not pose a threat to people, but can ruin your lawn if not eliminated. A good example of this is the white grub. White grubs are technically the larvae of the scarab beetle. Such beetles damage lawns by eating up the root systems of various plants, shrubs and grass.

Leafhoppers are another troublesome pest that can damage your lawn and garden. They are easily spotted hopping about your property, as they are colorful bugs featuring a bright, red striped pattern. They damage foliage by removing the sap from blades of grass and leaves of healthy plants. This causes the grass or plants to eventually suffer from malnutrition or chlorosis and die.

Maintaining a Pest Free Property:

Removing weeds, old leaves, and any decaying matter is one of the best ways to prevent insect invasions. When offering garden tips, landscaping experts often recommend breaking apart clumps of dirt and regularly turning over your garden soil to eliminate the living spaces where certain pests hide. Using dormant spray is also a good way to rid your garden of troublesome pests. Such spray can be purchased at your local hardware store, and as its name suggests, it should be sprayed in February or early March when your plants are dormant.

Although it is possible to eradicate certain infestations without assistance, it is typically not a good idea. For this reason, you should seek the services of a professional who can offer landscaping tips and help you eliminate pests from your property.

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How To: Save For Your Dream Backyard

31001081_lYou finally have your dream home, but there’s just one thing missing- a dream backyard. Whether it’s a beautifully landscaped garden with a cozy seating area, or a spacious deck or patio where you can entertain and relax, there are so many possibilities for a dream backyard. With a little planning and effort, these saving tips will help you achieve the backyard space that you have always wanted.

Plan the Layout. Decide what features are essential for your outdoor space. Make a sketch of the yard, and then decide what elements you want to have in which areas. By planning the layout, you will then be able to determine what you need to do in order to make that space functional. You will also have a better idea of how large you need to make designated areas. For example, if you want a seating area, but you also want open space suitable for tossing a ball, you can measure those out.

Set a Budget. It’s important to know how much money you will realistically need in order to create your dream backyard. If you want to build a deck or install a patio, then you need to take the cost of material and construction into consideration. If it’s simply a matter of adding furniture and accessories, you’ll be able to work with a much smaller budget. Knowing approximately how much you need to spend will allow you to start setting aside a specific amount or percentage each week or month in order to reach that goal.

Shop Around. Take your time when shopping for items to complement your backyard area, like outdoor furniture. When you shop around, you’ll be able to find great deals, rather than paying full price for the first thing that you see. Look for deals, especially during the change of seasons. You can find great items for the summer season, like umbrellas, grills, and seating, once the season is over. Retailers will be looking to unload that inventory, so you can find incredible savings by shopping smart.

A dream backyard is one that you will enjoy for many years to come.These backyard tips should be helpful for creating a fun and functional place. With proper planning and budgeting, you will be able to save the money that you need to achieve that ideal outdoor space.

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How To: Keep Your Lawn Green This Summer

30130441_lDuring the summer season, the high temperatures can cause problems for even the nicest lawns. Luckily, there are some simple things that you can do to ensure your grass stays healthy in the heat. Here are some helpful landscaping tips on how to keep your lawn looking green and lush throughout the summertime:

Keep it Well-Watered. In addition to long stretches of high temperatures, there can be dry periods during the summer, as well. The combination of heat and dryness can lead to a less than lovely looking lawn. Combat the effects of heat by keeping your grass well-watered. This is especially important during those dry stretches without rain. The best time to water your lawn is in the morning, before the temperatures reach their peak. You can set up a sprinkler system to make it convenient, and you can even set it on a timer so that it will water at the same time every day.

Let It Grow. While you want to keep your property maintained with regular mowing and weeding, you do want to keep the grass a little bit longer in the summer. This helps to protect the crown, which is where the new grass growth comes from. By keeping the blades of grass a little longer, it will shield that lower layer from the sun. If the crown is scorched, the grass will appear yellowed or brown, and new growth won’t be able to thrive.

Use the Right Grass. Another important consideration is the type of grass that you’re growing. There are many different varieties available, and by choosing the right variety for your region, you can help to ensure that it will thrive. Do a little research before you buy and spread grass seed on your property to make sure that you have chosen a suitable type for your region.

Despite high temperatures and scorching sun, you can maintain a lush and lovely green lawn throughout the summer. It takes a little preparation and work, but it’s well worth it. Following these helpful tips will ensure that your grass stays green and healthy all year long.

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