Benefits of Working With A Professional Landscaping Service

10704401_10152465654987083_3903207040874199632_oLandscaping is one of the most effective ways to improve your property’s curb appeal. Homeowners seeking tips, advice, and assistance to help enhance the look of their property should contact an experienced professional company. Here are some of the benefits of working with a professional landscaping service:

Cost Effective.Landscaping can quickly become an expensive endeavor for homeowners. There are many different attractive plants, lawn features, and expensive maintenance equipment available today. A professional service knows just what plants and features will work best for your property, and they already have all of the necessary equipment to install and maintain a beautiful landscape design.

Quality Materials. Many homeowners may not even know where to start when it comes to landscape design. Professionals know how to create and design the ideal layout for the area, and they know the best quality materials to use for a beautiful result. Rather than wasting time trying to come up with a design, you can leave it up to the experts who have the experience and the know-how to transform an ordinary lawn into something extraordinary. Don’t invest in lawn care equipment that may not even be right for the job. A pro service will come prepared with the necessary tools, and they will choose the highest quality materials to get your home looking its best.

Keeps the Property Looking Great. Life can get busy, and there are times when homeowners just can’t fit landscaping and yard maintenance into their packed schedules. With a pro service, there’s no reason to let the property go and neglect it during busy times. It will be mowed, trimmed, and maintained regularly. This is especially helpful if you’re going to be away for work, or away on vacation. You won’t have to worry about returning home to an overgrown lawn.

A professional landscaping company has the skills, experience, and equipment needed to give your home great curb appeal. You can save both time and money by choosing to hire experts to enhance the look of your property. Bring out your home’s beauty and take the stress out of maintenance by hiring a professional landscaping service.

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How To: Bring Your Interior Style To Your Outdoor Space

1913489_10152417885682083_5309197737588236027_oThe interior design of your home reflects your personal style, and it likely took some time, thought, and consideration to get just the way that you want it. Once you start working on your outdoor living space, you want to carry that same design sensibility to the area. Here are some tips to ensure a smooth transition from the interior of the home to the outdoor living space:

Make it Comfortable. When you make your outdoor living space comfortable, you’ll be able to enjoy it throughout the year and get the most use out of it. Think about how you want to use the patio space in each season. When the weather allows, you may want to host friends and family for gatherings, relax with a good book, and spend time out in the garden. Create areas that will be comfortable and accommodating, such as a dining area, and a seating area with a weather resistant sofa and table.

Make it Functional. If you enjoy grilling and barbecuing, then you will want to designate an area to prepare food. Choose a spot where the grill will fit comfortably and that is a safe distance from the home. Create a seating area that has inviting furniture, including a table for outdoor dining, plenty of chairs for guests, and smaller side tables for setting down beverages. Stylish, colorful cushions and pillows will make the seating both comfortable and attractive. If you enjoy gardening, make sure that your landscaping design includes flower beds that you can tend to.

Add Personal Touches. Bring your personal touch to the outdoor décor items by selecting pieces that you love. Plant flowers in carefully chosen pots, and use an attractive outdoor area rug to separate the sitting area. There are many stylish options for pillows and seat cushions that are made out of water-resistant materials, and they are an easy way to add color and patterns. Use your living room and dining room as inspirations for the patio. By adding the features that you want, you can create a truly customized outdoor living space that reflects your style and personality.

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Practical Lawn Care Tips For September Weather

shutterstock_132314303Fall is the time when many homeowners look to landscaping cleanup by trimming back overgrowth produced in the summer and removing annuals and other plants that won’t last through the winter. The cooler months are ideal for much more than removing spent stems and dead branches or placing covers on fragile plants and bushes to help them make it past sub-zero temperatures.

You or your landscape contractor should perform essential maintenance in the fall to prepare for growth next spring. In the cooler months topside growth slows down, but it’s prime time for roots to develop. One of the top lawn care tips is to aerate your lawn so that water and nutrients can reach the roots. An aerator will pull out soil plus up to 3 inches long that will break down by spring. don’t forget to feed your grass too. Although cutting back on fertilizer in late summer prevents perennials from producing unnecessary leaves, grass roots keep growing until the ground temperature dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Apply a high-phosphorus (12-25-12) fertilizer to encourage roots, so turf greens earlier in spring.

Don’t waste fallen leaves. Instead of putting them in a bag by the curb, rake them into a tarp and put them into a compost bin. The mixture can help feed shrubs, flowers and vegetables the following year.

Remember those half dead bushes in your backyard? Pull them out and replace them with something new. Fall is a good time to add new shrubs and trees because roots will get a head start in the season’s cool, moist soil.

Speaking of dead or dying branches, if a shrub or tree is healthy for the most part, fall is the ideal time to trim those. Remove cracked, loose and diseased limbs, especially those that are close to your home. for large jobs, bring in a professional to do the work.

Flowers need lots of care as work now will result in healthier spring beds. Clear the ground of spent annuals and the snails and slugs that feed on them. Trim perennial foliage to the ground to send energy to the roots for next season. Every three years, divide tuberous plants such as irises and daylilies.

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3 Tips For A Fall Friendly Transition In Your Outdoor Space

20140828_bender_0168Just because the leaves are changing color and the temperature is going down doesn’t mean that you need to move all of your relaxing and entertaining inside just yet. You can extend the use of your outdoor living area through the fall season by making a few simple changes. Here are 3 tips for a fall friendly transition:

Fall Flowers. You don’t need to completely redesign your flower beds in order to enjoy fall perennials. Once you plant some hardy mums in the spring or summer, there’s a good chance that they’ll come back the next year. Another option to enhance your landscaping in a simple way is to add a few potted mums. They can add a burst of color to walkways, patios, and decks.

Lovely Lighting. Since the sun starts to set earlier in the autumn, your outdoor area will need some lighting. The right lighting will create a warm, cozy atmosphere, and make it easier to enjoy a cup of coffee or glass of wine outside in the evenings. Consider adding a string of twinkling white lights, solar powered lanterns, or even candles to add to the ambiance.

Adding Warmth. There are several easy ways to warm up your outdoor living space. Consider a fire pit, which you can use throughout the year. It’s the perfect focal point to place in the middle of the patio, and you can place chairs or benches around it to make a cozy seating area. Invite friends over to toast marshmallows and share a bottle of wine around the fire. Another simple way to warm up is with an outdoor heat lamp, similar to the type that you find at restaurants that offer patio and deck seating. Not only are they a practical heat source, but you can also find them in different finishes to suit your style.

You don’t have to completely remodel your outdoor living space in order to make it beautiful and comfortable for the fall. By adding a practical heat source, decorating with autumn colors, and using the right lighting, you can create a cozy area to enjoy on those chilly days.

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