Practical Lawn Care Tips For Spring

shutterstock_167236778Spring maintenance is an essential step in creating a healthy summer lawn. Soil pH can be altered by winter conditions and the soil could also become compacted. In addition, properly cleaning, fertilizing and mowing the yard early in the season is vital. This is so because winter conditions might have created conditions that are friendly to diseases and weeds.

Spring is about to turn into summer in just a few weeks. By now, problems such as invasive plants and bare spots would have been addressed. The broadcast spreader would have already played its role in filling in the spots left bare by the ravages of winter. You should have moved on to the stage of maintaining an attractive, healthy lawn that is both functional and aesthetically appealing.

Lawns are not just immaculately maintained patches of greenery. They play a valuable role in conserving soil, decreasing runoff, sequestering atmospheric carbon, helping to purify water, improving air quality and lowering urban heat loads.

Ideally, a lawn should not only look great, it should be able to take lots of pounding and maintain its visual appeal. Therefore, your approach to lawn care and landscaping in general should be practical and go beyond aesthetics. Below are some useful spring lawn care tips than can keep your yard looking remarkable all summer long:

Aerate. Now that the soil is dry and warm, use a scarifier to aerate a heavily-matted lawn. To promote healthy growth, a long-term fertilizer should be used during the months of spring. The best approach to achieving a thick lawn is mowing once a week. However, when there are periods of intense growth, the lawn can be cut 2 times a week.

Cut Cleverly. To ensure your grass is cut cleanly and not torn, newly sharpened blades should be used for the first cut of the year. To maintain a lush, healthy-growing lawn, only a maximum of 1/3 of the blade of grass should be cut.

Plant Entryway Flowers. The unpredictable weather of early spring should have passed by now and the sponginess of the soil should have disappeared. You can now plant some flowers at the entryway to give your home a more welcoming and pleasant look. Using annual flowers and perennials to adorn the entrance of you home will have an impressive impact on the overall look of the yard. Gertrude Jekyll roses, Lily-of-the-Nile and Petunias are great choices for the entryway.

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Tips For Creating The Ultimate Space For Backyard Summer Activities

girl-996635_1920Now is the perfect time to start creating the ultimate outdoor space for summer fun. Summer provides many opportunities to entertain family and friends. There are only a few things more pleasurable than gathering with loved ones, enjoying food, fellowship and fun. Below are some landscape backyard tips that can help to create the ultimate space for backyard summer activities:

Water Wonderland. Any backyard can benefit from a wonderful water feature like a fountain, waterfall or pond. Whether understated or flamboyant, water features can add beauty and fluidity to the space. They are also great for drowning out traffic and other unpleasant noises. Relaxing in the backyard at the end of a challenging day, alone or with your loved ones, you will be able to enjoy the pleasant spectacle of sound the water feature provides.

Have Fun with Pavers. Adding over-sized pavers is a great way to prepare the yard for summer fun. Large islands of flagstone can be used to transform an ordinary garden path into a series of mini patios. Separating the flagstones with ribbons of lush turf will add aesthetic value to the space. The pavers will create a stunning and stable garden walkway. They are also large enough to accommodate outdoor seating when friends and family come over.

Illuminate the Space. Outdoor lighting provides a great way to create ambiance on your deck and patio. Lighting also plays a significant role in giving the exterior of your home an attractive and dynamic look from the curb. Lighting the backyard also delivers an additional tough of elegance. Furthermore, lighting adds an element of safety when using the backyard at night. Your guests will be able to find their footing at your next summer event. Outdoor lighting also improves the security of the backyard. Illuminating dark walkways, entryways and garages can assist in deterring potential intruders.

Cooking in Nature. Outdoor kitchens expand the living space and allow for cooking, eating and entertaining. Summer sets the atmosphere for frequent grilling and backyard BBQs. However, a well-designed outdoor kitchen should enable you to benefit from cooking beyond the months of summer. You can incorporate interior kitchen ideas to make your outdoor kitchen more versatile and fun. They are also a great way to boost your property value.

These are just some of the landscaping design ideas that can be used to create the ultimate space for fun backyard summer activities.

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8 Landscaping Tips For New Homeowners

Landscaping Tips For New HomeownersBecoming a new homeowner comes with a lot of responsibilities. Landscaping has to be regularly addressed to maintain the visual appeal of your property. Below are 8 landscaping tips for new homeowners:

• Trees and shrubs should not be severely pruned. They may need some amount of care after you acquire the property; however, cutting back branches and limbs in an arbitrary manner will disfigure the tree or shrub and could result in future problems.

• Rake leaves, prune off vines and limbs that interfere with the home’s mechanical operation and get rid of the debris. Debris and plants that are a fire hazard should also be removed.

• Use your yard waste to start a compost pile.

• Check sprinklers as soon as possible to make sure they are working as you expect. If you are not skilled with irrigation matters, you should think about hiring a professional within the landscaping field. Replacing or installing a sprinkler system is not an expensive process; however, it should be replaced or installed by someone with some amount of knowledge about the system. If you have metered water, saving money on the water typically pays for the system within a season. There are also timed sprinkler systems designed to maximize water saving; you can just set it for a prescribed time period and it will turn off itself afterwards. If the street is wet after irrigation or you see the eruption of a geyser in your yard, it is time to pay some attention to the system.

• Trees should not be planted under power lines.

• Trees and shrubs should not be planted before carrying out research on whether it is climate-appropriate. You should also determine whether they will be suitable for your landscape when they become mature specimens. There are a number of trees that get amazingly large with age.

• Pesticides or fertilizers should not be overused. Labels should be read carefully and the instructions followed.

• Mow the lawn often enough so bag clippings will be avoided. Bagging clippings removes valuable nutrients from the lawn. If globs of grass are left on the lawn, think about raising the mowing height or mow more frequently to see if it helps.

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Unique Backyard Party Ideas For High School Graduation

shutterstock_227175187One of the best things about the spring and summer seasons for patio lovers are the entertaining opportunities. An outdoor area with beautiful landscaping and plenty of space for guests is ideal for hosting gatherings and celebrations. Here are some fun and unique backyard party ideas for homeowners to consider this graduation season:

A themed dessert bar loaded with treats. Everyone loves a good dessert bar, so set up a table with a variety of delicious themed treats. Some easy ideas include homemade ice cream sundaes with colored toppings that match the graduate’s school colors, or a candy dessert bar with a variety of color coordinated candies. You can provide small bags so that guests can fill them up with the candies of their choosing to take home with them. Since the table will be set up outside in the yard or patio, you won’t want to bring out ice cream that will melt until guests are ready for sweets. Have some other options to set out beforehand too, like cupcakes and cookies.

Have a photo booth. A photo booth is a must at any party today. You can rent one, usually by the hour, from a company that specializes in photo booths for events. They will bring the booth, props, and provide guests with photo strips of their pics right away. You can also keep it simple and create your own by setting up a background, such as draping a large white sheet on a fence, and then providing guests with fun photo props, like graduation caps, funny glasses, and wigs. Set up a camera on a tripod and let everyone have fun taking silly pictures.

Make a card crafting station. A card crafting station is a fun way to get guests engaged with an activity at the party. Provide paper, stickers, colorful markers, and envelopes so that guests can write a personal message to give to the graduate. This is also a great activity for younger kids, if you’re celebrating a preschool or elementary school graduation. Keep little ones busy with a card craft to commemorate this special event in their lives.

A graduation party is the perfect opportunity for patio lovers to entertain outdoors. Homeowners can save money by throwing a festive celebration for the graduate right in the backyard. With delicious desserts, fun activities, and a photo booth to make memories, guests will love spending time outside, appreciating the beauty of your landscaping.

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