Fall Tips For Landscaping Redesign

1625729_10152040817452083_566120464_nHave you owned your property for a long time and are getting bored with its appearance? Then consider it an opportune time to consider landscaping redesign!  With a fresh, new landscape, your property assumes an almost new ambiance, its value increases, and it gives you a new love of your land. Here are some landscape redesign tips to help you gain a new appreciation of your yard.

The Gradual Blossoming Of Time:

The once enchanting landscape –the trees, flowers, bed designs, ponds, swings, shrubs and lawns- that originally made you fall in love with your home, should have matured and lost its luster by now. Landscaping redesign is aimed at giving a fresh look to your property by changing the design and layout of it. Play areas for kids who have since moved out can be remodeled and transformed into something else, like a greenhouse garden or a work space for woodworking projects. It might also be the right time to uproot shrubs and plants that don’t look as healthy as they used to and replace them with new ones.

Begin With A Focal Point:

To begin a redesign of your backyard, it helps to start with a focal point, the place that you want your guests’ eyes to be drawn towards. This could be a statue, a water feature, a beautiful tree, an outdoor art piece or a flower garden. Whatever you pick should stand out but have a connection with the rest of your landscape. You want the colors and textures to flow together, while making a bold statement. Deciding what you want to be the main attraction of your backyard will help you and your landscape team design the rest to go with it.

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Landscaping Tips To Prevent Weed Growth

26608833_lRegardless of how beautifully landscaped an outdoor space is, weeds rear their ugly heads and become an unsightly nuisance. They grow everywhere and compete with lawn grass and other plants for nutrients and water. This makes the landscape less attractive and homeowners constantly try to get rid of them. Below are some landscaping tips you can use for removal and weed prevention:

Choose the Right Time. Weeding should ideally be done when moisture is in the soil. After it has rained, the soil is loosened and this makes it easier to get to their roots. If it has not been raining lately and you want to do some weeding, you can hose down the area and let it soak overnight.

Hand Pulling. Pulling weeds by hand is the hardest but best way to remove them. However, to effectively execute this technique, the whole plant and its roots must be removed. The ones with shallow roots can be held by their stem and gently pulled out. Dandelions and other weeds that have deeper roots will require more effort. A small hoe can be used to loosen the soil so you can firmly pull them out, root and all.

Mulch Mania. Mulch prevents light from getting to weed seeds; therefore, it serves as a suffocating blanket. It simultaneously provides the soil with nutrients and holds in moisture for the plants as it decomposes. To prevent or kill existing weeds, directly apply coarse wood or bark chip mulch onto the soil. Straw, grass clippings or leaves are more effective as weed deterrents, especially when used with a separating layer of fabric, cardboard or newspaper between the mulch and the soil.

For more long-lasting weed removal efforts, these prevention tips take will help you to take some proactive measures to postpone the growth of unwanted. Landscape fabric and chemical products are ideal for this.

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Back-to-School Lawn Care Tips

shutterstock_357748682As the back to school season gets into full swing, many families struggle to find the time for lawn care. However, it’s very important to keep up with lawn and garden maintenance in every season, especially in the fall. These lawn care tips make it easy to keep your property in good shape throughout the autumn:

Remove fallen leaves right away. Once the leaves start falling from the trees, it’s time to get out the rake. Keeping up with the leaves is important because if they pile up too much, the moisture and mildew that sticks around beneath them can have a damaging effect on healthy grass. Take some time to rake and collect them every few days, and it will be easier to keep the lawn clear throughout the autumn.

Continue mowing. Continue to mow the lawn whenever it looks like it needs a trim. By the end of the season, you should be using the lowest blade setting to get the grass short. During the fall, It will be able to absorb the moisture and nutrients that it needs to survive a long, cold winter.

Seed empty areas. The fall is a good time to add grass seed and fill in any bare patches on the lawn. Remove any moss or thatch, gently loosen the soil, and add seed and fertilizer. Keep it well watered during the coming weeks. This will help you to have a lush lawn once spring arrives, and you’ll save time preparing the grass once the ground has thawed.

The back to school season can be a hectic, busy time. Lawn care should continue to be a priority while the weather is still nice. By tending to the grass in the fall, you’ll be able to have a beautiful lawn to enjoy in the spring.

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Simple Tips For Hosting A Tailgate Party On Your Patio

23307793_lPatios are great places to entertain. You can hold a variety of parties including a tailgate party during football season. With the right game to broadcast, equipment and enthusiasm, you can have a wonderful championship party by following a few easy tailgating tips.

  1. The outdoor theater set up has to be large enough for optimal viewing by many people. There are now waterproof televisions you can rent for outdoor entertaining.
  2. You need to have lots of comfortable seating for your guests. In addition to folding chairs and stools, you can use oversized pillows and cushions, benches, and even a sofa.
  3. At a backyard tailgate party you can have traditional foods such as burgers and hot dogs, or anything else you want such as ribs, chili, or soup. As long as you have enough food to sustain your guests, the type of food really will not matter.
  4. You can ask guests to bring their favorite tailgate appetizers or finger foods to share so people have a wider range of foods to sample.
  5. If you are using a grill, you can ask a few guests to take shifts manning the grill so you do not spend all your time cooking.
  6. In case of sudden bad weather, you need to have a contingency plan. If it starts to rain, you can move the party indoors or have a large tent ready to put up. If the temperature turns chilly, a space heater or fire pit can warm up guests. You can also pass out blankets or throws to keep guests cozy.

A backyard tailgating party can be lots of fun if you plan it well. With the right mix of people, food, and comfort, you patio tailgate party could be legendary.

When you are ready to redesign your outdoor living space, contact Hidden Creek Landscaping for ideas, installation and maintenance.

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