3 Tips To Make Patio Entertaining Easy

10520513_10152465656437083_139935995220714163_oHaving a patio area for entertaining makes it easy to host gatherings, especially during the warmer months. Whether you’re throwing a party, having a casual cookout, or just inviting friends over for a few drinks, you want to ensure that your outdoor space is comfortable and functional. Here are 3 outdoor living tips to make patio entertaining easy:

Have Plenty of Seating. A party or get together on the patio is perfect for a casual gathering, but you still want to make sure that you provide ample seating for guests. A well designed and comfortable patio will have furnishings like a table, whether for dining or placing drinks and books down, a weatherproof outdoor sofa, and maybe even an outdoor chaise lounge or two. You can use a mix of seating options, so if you need to pull out a few lawn chairs to accommodate many guests, it’s perfectly acceptable.

Keep Bugs at Bay. There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy an outdoor soiree and having to fight off pesky insects every few minutes. Keep the bugs at bay by lighting citronella candles. Incorporate Tiki torches into your garden design. The smell of Citronella oil repels pests like mosquitoes, fleas, and black flies. Protect food that is set out buffet style with food tents designed to fit right over dishes.

Provide Some Shade. Before the sun goes down, your patio may be splashed with sunshine. While this can be nice when the temperature is a bit cooler, it can easily get guests overheated when both the sun and the temperature are high. Be sure to provide a shady spot to escape the sun. You can add a large umbrella to a dining table, install a retractable awning, or use a removable tent to cover the patio. A colorful umbrella makes a nice choice because it can define a dining area.

Keep these landscaping tips in mind before hosting your next get together on your patio. With plenty of seats, a shady area to relax, and no bugs to contend with, parties on your patio are sure to be a hit with guests.

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