5 Landscaping Tips For First Time Homeowners

Screen Shot 2017-03-20 at 4.37.36 PMMany first time homeowners are eager to transform the interior and exterior look of their new property. Here are 5 landscaping tips for new homeowners to keep in mind:

Repair the lawn. If your lawn isn’t in the greatest shape, spend some time fixing it first. Buy the right type of grass seed for your region and repair the bare spots. Focus on fixing the problem areas to give your lawn a neat, uniform look. Fill in the bare patches with seed and fix any uneven areas before planting anything.

Plan first. Having an entire outdoor area to design for both beauty and functional purposes is exciting. The best way to achieve exactly what you want is to create a plan. Sketch out your yard and put the design down on paper before purchasing anything. Think about what you want, including garden areas, walkways, and patio or seating areas, and include them in the design sketch.

Add color. There are many ways to add color to your yard. From annuals and perennials to flowering shrubs and bushes to lawn decor, you can bring your lawn to life with colors and textures throughout the year. Just be sure to read the care instructions for all plants before putting them in the ground, since shade and daylight are important to proper growth.

Don’t over-water. One of the biggest mistakes new homeowners can make when caring for their lawn and garden is over-watering. Be sure to follow the care guides for each plant and grass seed. Too much water can actually drown the seeds and kill plants.

Take your time. Keep in mind that a beautiful landscape design takes time and effort. You may not be able to achieve everything you want in the first year. Be patient, take your time, and think about what you really want to see in your yard.

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