6 Steps To Prepare For Spring Landscaping

As the winter season comes to an end, it’s the perfect time to start planning for gardening and landscaping. The ground is finally starting to thaw out, and many plants are about to bloom. In March, begin these spring landscaping plans to get your property ready for the months ahead:

1.  Sketch out your yard. Be sure to take note of which spots already have shrubs, bushes, and trees planted. You can see what blank areas you have to work with, and you can fill those in with new plants and other design elements, such as stepping stones and decorative features.

2.  Research plant types that will work best in your climate. Take note of the types of insects or other critters in your area that can pose a threat to the plants you choose.

3.  Once you can begin working outside, you’ll have a lot of prep work to do in the yard. Rake and pick up all of the debris, like leaves and sticks. If you have existing flower beds, they will likely need some debris removal, as well. Clean out all of your potting materials that may have been left out over the winter. Get rid of any standing water in buckets or pots, as these areas are breeding grounds for mosquitoes.

4.  Now that the yard is cleared out and cleaned up, you can start to visualize the new layout and design. Go back over your sketches of ideas, and decide which projects to undertake first.

5.  Tend to existing shrubs, bushes, and trees by applying fresh fertilizer and pruning them. The winter months can take a toll on bushes and trees, so trim away the dead, dry parts. This would also be the perfect time to plant new ones, as well.

6.  Crabgrass can start to overtake the lawn at this time, so it’s best to get rid of it as soon as possible. Prep the lawn for grass seed if there are any patches in need of new cover.

March is a great time to start getting ready for your spring landscaping plans. The weather should begin to ease up, and new blooms will begin to show. Give your property a beautiful look by beginning your landscaping design early in the year.

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