Avoid Weeds With Spring Care From Hidden Creek Landscaping

Spring Care From Hidden Creek LandscapingAt Hidden Creek Landscaping, we know a healthy landscape begins with a site that is properly prepared. Before planting, we get rid of existing plants and get the area ready for planting. This is followed by the application of specialized herbicide on the shallow cultivation. The process is repeated until the area is completely free of weed. This is important when planting with either sod or seed.

In existing flower beds, annual weeds are easier to control than perennial weeds. We take out as many perennials as we can and bring up buried tubers, rhizomes and stems by cultivating the soil. This is done when conditions are dry and warm to allow the weed seeds and roots to dry on the surface of the soil. For weed problems that are especially troublesome, we will continue to cultivate the soil without irrigating for as long as it takes for new weed seeds and roots to emerge.

Species like purple nutsedge and field bindweed will need a different approach. We may use a systemic, nonselective herbicide like glyphosate when weeds are growing actively. Repeated applications of this technique could also be used to destroy difficult perennials.

Where necessary, we will use nutrients or organic matter to amend the soil. In clay soil, this can enhance drainage and the water-holding capacity of sandy soils can also be improved through this technique.

The capacity of soils to simultaneously drain water, while holding in an adequate amount is tremendously important to maintaining a healthy landscape. Essentially, flower beds flourish in soils that promote good drainage and enable the unrestricted flow of water, nutrients and oxygen. One of the spring tips we often share with homeowners is the need to ensure that when topsoil is being added, it is free of herbicide residues, rocks and weed propagules like tubers or rhizomes.

Spring is the perfect time to kick landscaping projects into high gear. At Hidden Creek Landscaping, we have the expertise, equipment and seasoned professionals guaranteed to transform your home into a beautiful, weed-free sanctuary. For further details, contact us today!

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