Back-to-School Landscaping Tips

shutterstock_174565160As the summer season draws to a close, life becomes more hectic for families. There’s a lot of preparation needed to get kids ready for the school year and a new schedule, and tending to the lawn can easily fall to the bottom of the to-do list. However, it’s important to upkeep the landscaping at this time of the year, even as winter is approaching. Here are a few simple and smart tips for homeowners to keep up with landscaping during the back-to-school rush:

Mow in the Evening. Mowing your lawn in the evening is a smart way to beat the heat during the summer, and it can be a good time to squeeze in the task during the week. You won’t have to worry about becoming overheated. Just don’t want until it’s too late in the day, since it starts to get darker earlier in the fall.

Feed the Lawn. The fall is the ideal time for grass growth, since it typically rains more, and the colder overnight temperatures allow dew to form on the lawn in the morning. By feeding it in the fall, it will have the nutrients that it needs to stay strong and healthy through the harsh winter months. When Spring finally arrives, it will bounce back quickly.

Hire Professionals. If you really cannot fit lawn care into your schedule during the back-to-school rush, hire a professional landscaping service to cut your grass. It saves you time, and you won’t even have to think about it. The crew will simply show up, mow the lawn, and leave it looking great. They can also provide services like aeration and fertilization, both of which are essential for proper landscaping.

Fall is one of the most important; if not the most important, time to take care of your lawn. Make time to work on it, even if you have a packed schedule, or turn to a professional service. You’ll be glad that you maintained it, especially once spring rolls around. Keep these simple landscaping tips in mind, and you will have a healthy, attractive lawn in every season.

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