Outdoor features that can increase the value of your home

The right outdoor features can increase the value of your home in lots of ways: by boosting curb appeal, attracting buyers when you’re trying to sell, and by making your house a more functional and satisfying place to live. You can make your home more valuable this summer by adding those outdoor features to your property. great patio

Below, we’ve listed some high-impact, high-value changes that can make all the difference when you’re trying to sell your house – or when you’re just trying to enjoy your investment to the greatest extent possible.

Deck or Patio

Homebuyers LOVE new decks, and that’s why installing a new deck is one of the highest ROI home improvement projects. If a deck is not for you, a patio is a durable alternative that can last for decades and create lots of usable space in your backyard.

To get the most value out of your deck or patio installation, use quality materials. Decks made from wood need to be refinished regularly or they can start to deteriorate – that’s why most homeowners use composite decking instead. Composite decking is long-lasting and low-maintenance, which makes it the decking material of choice.

If you’re building a patio, pavers are higher quality than concrete slabs and can be easily repaired if a paver cracks. Talk to your contractor about choosing the right materials for your deck or patio.

Work with a skilled contractor to landscape around your deck or patio to make the space attractive and relaxing. Your landscaping contractor can install privacy plants to provide shade, can position potted plants on your deck or patio to add some green space, or may choose to plant shrubs and trees around the deck and patio to make the space feel natural.

Beautiful Trees

Beautiful trees can add a lot of value to your property – especially as they become tall, mature, and attractive. It’s important to pick the right trees when landscaping your property. Before planting, know some basic information to ensure that the trees you’ve chosen are going to serve the function you would like them to serve.

  • Does the tree shed leaves, seeds or flowers at any time throughout the year?
  • How tall will the tree get?
  • How fast does the tree grow?
  • Does the tree have aggressive roots or special watering needs that will require regular care?

If you know your goals for your new tree, talk to a landscape contractor who can help you decide which trees are going to meet those goals. Your landscape contractor can also help you choose the best location to plant a tree, based on your landscaping and the position of your house on your property, and so on.

Beautiful Landscaping

Beautiful landscaping adds value to your home in ways that you can’t even calculate. Landscaping boosts curb appeal for sure, but also affects the character of your home. This means you’ll want to choose your landscaping wisely.

A good landscaping contractor can help you design landscaping that really pops and draws attention to your house. Some landscaping is cheerful and inviting, and makes your house look welcoming. Some landscaping is high-end, artful, graceful and sophisticated. Still, other landscaping is low-maintenance, simple and beautiful. What kind of landscaping do you want for your home? Talk to your landscape contractor to make a decision.

Outdoor Dining, Kitchen and Living Area

Installation of outdoor dining and living areas is one of the most popular home improvements of the last year. Outdoor dining and living areas give you a place to spend time enjoying the presence of family and friends, entertaining, and a place to relax on a Friday night… without going anywhere except your own backyard.

This is the type of outdoor landscaping feature that you’ll definitely want to install with help from a landscaping/hardscaping contractor. Outdoor dining, kitchen and living areas require electricity, plumbing and gas hookups so you can cook, stay warm and power your electronic devices.

It’s important for those features to be installed by a pro, so make sure that you find the right professional to do the job. Look at their portfolio to see their previous work, and read the contract thoroughly before signing. If possible, get bids from several contractors before choosing the right one for you.

In-Ground Sprinkler System

An in-ground sprinkler system is a helpful feature that can play a big role in the maintenance of your landscaping. In-ground sprinkler systems are more than just convenient: they can help keep your plants and trees healthy, and your grass green throughout the summer.

If you don’t have an in-ground sprinkler system, you’re going to want one soon. Work with a landscaping contractor to install your in-ground sprinkler system strategically, to ensure that all areas of your yard are covered.

Outdoor Lighting

Like a good in-ground sprinkler system, outdoor lighting serves a solid utilitarian function. At the same time, it’s also a very attractive feature that can help make your lawn and outdoor spaces far more beautiful when the sun goes down.

Like the in-ground sprinkler, outdoor lighting is best installed by a professional who understands how to make your outdoor lighting useful as well as attractive. There’s a real art to outdoor lighting. It needs to be installed along pathways and in parts of the yard where it’s most useful. It also needs to be installed in ways that complement your landscape. This is why it’s best to work with a pro.

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Help your Business Grow: How Landscaping Attracts Customers

Consumers are always gauging businesses based on how they look and how they’re maintained. Customers pay attention to details like how clean the commercial property is, how professionally their staff behaves, and more. Consumers also pay attention to business landscaping. Good landscaping is a subtle signifier to consumers that a business is thriving, well-maintained, and consumer-friendly.

If you’re a business owner who would like to help your business grow, then you should be maintaining business landscaping. Knowing why landscaping is important and what you can do to improve your business landscaping can help you take your business to the next level.

Landscaping Boosts Curb Appeal

The best professional landscaping should be designed to show off your property and accentuate the positive attributes of your surrounding environment. This boosts curb appeal, which can improve your property’s value while also making your business a place that consumers will want to look at.

Maybe your business sits in a wide-open space with few trees and other features in the area. To show off this space, your landscaper may choose to install pathways, lights, and clusters of shrubs and flowers that flow from one side of your lot to the next, leaving open green spaces in between.

Alternatively, perhaps your business is positioned near a creek. Your landscaper may choose to surround the area near your creek with water-loving flowers and trees that thrive in wet conditions and create a cool, shady spot where visitors can enjoy the babbling water.

This kind of curb appeal can attract customers to your business and boost your sales.

Good Landscaping Can Instill Confidence

Customers judge your business before they ever set foot on the property. Good landscaping shows that your business is well-maintained, and that can instill confidence in your business practices and the quality of your services or products.

Landscaping Affects Staffing

Landscaping can affect staff and employees just as much as consumers. Employees want to work for businesses that are attractive. As a business owner, you can recruit and retain good employees by taking care of your building and investing in your business.

  • Landscaping can create outdoor spaces where staff can spend time on lunches and staff picnics.
  • Landscaping can also instill a sense of pride in your employees, which can affect employee retention.
  • Landscaping affects employee mood and disposition throughout the day. A beautiful landscape out the windows can help employees feel good throughout the day.

What You Can Do to Improve Your Business Landscaping

There are many things you can do to improve your business landscaping. If you’re new to working on and maintaining your commercial landscaping, here’s what we recommend.

Know Your Landscaping Goals

Before hiring a landscaper, devise your landscaping goals. Do you want to install pathways, so employees and customers can safely walk on your property? Should your space look beautiful at night, or during the day only? Is easy-to-maintain landscaping important?

As a business owner, you may have other managers to discuss these issues with. Come to a meeting of the minds before meeting with a professional landscaper about your landscaping goals.

Hire a Good Commercial Landscaper

Once you’ve determined your landscaping goals, it’s time to hire a good commercial landscaper. Finding a good landscaper is a multi-step process. It takes time, but it’s worth it – especially when you’re planning to invest in a landscape that will last years and improve the value of your business.

Some tips when searching for a good commercial landscaper:

  • Vet multiple professionals. Meeting with multiple landscapers can help you get a good idea of the kind of professional you’re looking for and what’s a fair price for the services you’re seeking.
  • Check references. Check references for any contractor before signing a contract.
  • Read the contract. Read the contract thoroughly and ask questions that you have about the details of the contract.
  • Come to the discussion prepared with a list of questions. The more prepared you are for that initial consultation with a landscaping contractor, the more productive your conversation will be.

Commit To Maintaining Your Landscaping

Nearly all landscaping requires some kind of maintenance in order to look its best. Know in advance how much time or money will you be able to commit toward the commercial maintenance of your landscaping.

This is something your contractor will need to know during the initial consultation, as it will affect the ultimate design. If you’re planning to maintain the landscaping on your own, consult with other managers to find out how much time your maintenance staff has to dedicate to the maintenance of your landscaping.

If you’re planning to pay for the maintenance of your landscaping, tell your contractor in advance your monthly budget for this kind of maintenance, as this too will affect what your contractor adds to your design.

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