Expert Tips For A Spring Garden Makeover

Expert Tips For A Spring Garden MakeoverGetting your garden in shape is so important to enhancing your property’s curb appeal. Spring is the ideal time to plant flowers and vegetables. Here are some spring garden tips from gardening experts:

Plan Out Your Flower Beds before Planting. Before planting anything in the ground, it’s a good idea to make a plan. Take note of which areas get the most sun and which are shady. This is important because each type of plant requires a certain amount of sunlight or shade in order to thrive. When you get to the nursery to choose your plants, read the information about each one so that you can decide the best placement in your garden.

Soil Testing. For your flower beds to thrive, the soil conditions also need to be right. The soil is actually one of the most important aspects to a successful garden, according to the experts. A simple soil pH test kit will let you know the alkalinity of your soil. You want to see a result of about 7, which is neutral. This means that the conditions are just right for planting.

Enriching the Soil. If the results of the pH test show that your soil conditions are poor, you will need to enrich the flower bed before planting. You can purchase bags of garden soil from just about any garden center in the spring, so this should be an easy fix. Another option is to add nutrient enriching formula to soil, such as compost.

Planting the Garden. You may be eager to get your garden started as soon as the weather turns nice, but it’s important to wait until the final frost of the season is over. Planting too early can cause your plants to die if the temperatures drop too low in the evenings. Once the weather conditions are right, you can start getting your seeds and plants into the ground.

Every garden needs proper care in order to thrive. Take the time to plan the layout of your garden and choose the right types of annuals and perennials for each area. By following these expert tips, you’ll have a beautiful spring garden that you can enjoy throughout the year.

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