Giving Thanks For Nature’s Beauty and Our Loved Ones

shutterstock_223597519The harvest is in. Across the land, we are giving thanks for the bounties of the season, for the stunning beauty of nature in its glorious colors and the warmth and love of our families and friends. Whether we indulge in a drive through our area’s most scenic locations, or enjoy a quiet thoughtful walk in our own yard, the tranquil beauty can bring joy to our souls.

Thanksgiving is most often celebrated as a big (and often loud) gathering around a festive table. However, Thanksgiving can also encompass small, personal moments. There’s no reason we can’t enjoy both — perhaps even on the same day.

A spirit of giving thanks can be lifted any day of the year, along with a cup of morning coffee or tea, while enjoying the view from a favorite window. As the birds and other wildlife awaken, so too can our pleasure in the beauty created in our landscaping. Aren’t we grateful our homes can bring such graciousness into our lives and the lives of the creatures who share our world?

During the celebration, some of us might desire to escape the clamor of the joyous holiday with a quiet walk around the grounds. That bench tucked into a far, shady corner or a gazebo on a hilltop is the perfect place to pause and count our blessings, to express our gratitude for the many gifts in our lives. Our favorite spot for reflection might be beside a small pond or waterfall as we appreciate the lulling relaxation. No matter what the setting, giving thanks and being grateful for family and friends can enhance an already terrific day.

There’s no reason that part of Thanksgiving Day (or even the later winter holidays) can’t be spent in our favorite outdoor room before a roaring fire. The sounds and smells are augmented by the scents and flavors of a cup of hot cocoa or favorite grind of coffee. Snuggling in blankets with our favorite people to watch the sunset and glimmer of the first stars can become a beloved holiday tradition.

We can extend Thanksgiving on in to the other winter holidays as we enjoy our home’s landscaping that makes the most of our habitat through every season.

We at Hidden Creek Landscaping hope your holidays will be warm and beautiful — this year and all your years to come.

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