How to Protect Your Plants from Frost in Early Spring

It finally looks like warmer temperatures are moving into Ohio and we hope they are here to stay! In case there are still some cold nights ahead, we wanted to offer some suggestions on how to protect your outdoor plants from the frost.

Choose a Warm Location

Avoid planting tender plant species in open, exposed areas or in low spots where cold air settles. Try instead planting them near a south or west-facing wall, which absorbs heat during the day and radiates it at night.

Use Mulch

Mulch holds heat and moisture in the soil and can help protect your plant’s roots from cold temperatures.

Cover Your Plants

If a cold night is in the forecast, throw an old tarp or blanket over your tender plants to protect them from frost. You will want to prop the cover up a bit so it doesn’t crush or damage your plants. Then remove it during the day so your plants get light and air.

As you are planning your spring and summer landscaping projects, remember to plan for maintenance too – watering, mulching, fertilizing and replacing dead plants. Choose plants that fit your maintenance schedule or consider hiring a professional landscaping company (hey, that’s us!) to help take care of your yard.

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