How To Use Your Patio For Holiday Entertaining

As families prepare the home for holiday gatherings, it is important to take advantage of every inch of space. The patio is often an afterthought when it comes to holiday entertaining, but a beautiful space should not be wasted. Even though it may be a bit chilly outdoors, this area is a great location for holiday parties. Learning a few tips to prepare the area will make it a welcoming spot in all weather conditions.

Warm Up the Space

The most important thing that gives an outdoor space the ability to host guests for a holiday event is heat. A homeowner may consider small portable heaters or larger and more permanent fireplaces. Fire pits are affordable options for patio heating and provide focal points for friends to gather around and make holiday memories.

Add Comfort

The winter holidays are meant to exude cheer and comfort. If a gathering will be held in a covered patio, adding cozy curtains provides an inviting appearance. The furniture should be covered in bright pillows and warm blankets as well.

Keep the Elements Out

Although many parts of the country experience cool holiday weather, it is possible to create a welcoming outdoor space. An open patio can be lined with decorative screens or a retractable roof to keep the elements from becoming bothersome. If the budget allows, it may be wise to enclose the space with glass. This allows the beauty of winter to be viewed without the harsh and cold temperatures.

Holiday decorating means more than hanging ornaments from a tree or placing lights in the windows. It includes preparing both outside and inside space where family and friends can gather for special celebrations. Despite the cool weather, a bright and comfortable patio makes an excellent place to entertain guests and ring in holiday cheer. Hidden Creek Landscaping is happy to work with you to plan your new patio design, and help you make use of it all year round. Contact us today to schedule a meeting.

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  1. In dryer climates, consider adding a rug beneath your furniture, especially for stone floors, which can be cooler. The rug will more comfortable on bare feet and ground the look as a whole.

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