Installing Green Roofs In Columbus Ohio

Green roofs are becoming an increasingly popular, and attractive, option for businesses throughout the country.  A green roof is just what it sounds like, it’s a vegetative layer on a rooftop.   Through the process of evapotranspiration, green roofs remove heat from the air.  Considering how hot roofs can get, a green roof can actually be cooler than the air temperature!  Since green roofs remove heat and act as insulators for buildings, you can expect a decrease in heating and cooling expenses.  Aside from lowering energy use, green roofs also are a benefit to the environment  by removing air pollutants, and reduce storm water runoff.

There are a variety of types of green roofs that are being installed across the country.  Some are simply a small layer of vegetation, and others are full gardens and even usable parks.  Green roofs are commonly installed on both commercial and residential buildings.  Hidden Creek Landscaping specializes in green roofs for commercial buildings as part of our commercial services.  Please contact us to learn more about green roofs and out other commercial services.

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