Keeping Your Lawn Healthy During The Winter Season

15732391_10154182105792083_414141784161579441_oEven while your lawn is dormant during the winter, there are steps you can take to keep your grass healthy. Please see the winter landscaping tips below:

Clean Up. Remove toys and rake up leaves and other debris. If this is not done, the grass will not get the sunlight required to keep it healthy. However, the same rule does not apply to mulching, as disbursing the clipping onto the grass actually provides it with water and nutrients.

Water. If watering is necessary, it should be done by midday. Doing this will ensure the water soaks in before freezing temperatures set in at night. Pooling water in certain areas of the lawn could cause damage once it freezes. A more infrequent and deeper watering pattern will help to beef up the rooting system.

Cover Plants (if necessary). As necessary, make note of weather patterns and provide cover for your plants to avoid freezing. Either cloth or plastic covers can be used. Cloths covers are said to provide better coverage; however, they can become weighed down and heavy when they get wet. For plastic covers, you can prevent them from touching the ground by using stakes around the plants. It should also be noted that if any part of the plant touches the plastic, the plant could still freeze.

Do Not Walk on Frozen Grass. The crunch heard while walking on your frozen lawn could actually be the sound of grass breaking. Therefore, you should avoid mowing or walking on it. Even in a dormant state, the look of a lawn that gets a good amount of traffic during winter will be negatively affected when spring comes around.

Following these winter landscaping tips can help you to preserve a beautifully manicured lawn. It could actually become the envy of the neighborhood when spring comes around.

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