Landscaping Design: The CAD Software Revolution

The technological revolution has taken the business world by storm, and the landscaping design industry has been drastically impacted by the development of Computer Aided Design (CAD) software. This software allows plans to be drafted, edited, and redrawn on a computer, rather than by hand. While some designers enjoy the hand-drawn aspect of traditional design, it’s undeniable that CAD software offers many advantages.

For instance, the editing process is vastly easier. Plans can be altered with the click of a mouse or with a few keystrokes. If a client wants even a minor change – rerouting a garden path, for example – designers previously had to scrub the old design and draw a new one to showcase the alterations. Now, those changes can be made in seconds. This means that plans are more accurate and more likely to produce the perfect design the customer truly wants. These plans can also be created at record speeds, saving time and helping the job proceed on schedule.

At Hidden Creek Landscaping, CAD software is used extensively to produce plans that bring each customer’s desires and visions to life. These plans are the first step toward a beautiful outdoor renovation.  Contact us today to start planning your outdoor transformation.

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