Landscaping Tips To Prevent and Minimize Poison Ivy Growth

20130922_schlessal_0124-Edit_5-Edit_6-Edit_7-Edit_8-Edit_9-Edit_fusedPoison ivy is a weed that is extremely difficult to control. It spreads rapidly and resists repeated attempts to get rid of it. The chemical, urushiol, is contained in its sap and it causes severe itching, swelling and rashes. If infected, some individuals who are allergic to the chemical may need medical attention. Poison ivy can also be detrimental to your landscaping. Below are some prevention tips that can be used to protect your property from the spreading of this horrid weed:

Dig It Out. Digging out the weed is among the surest methods of ridding the landscape of poison ivy. You should cut back the vines and remove the roots. This might have to be done a few times to eliminate it all. Ideally, digging should be done after rainfall when more of the roots can be removed without breaking.

Paint. You can set back patches of poison ivy by spraying them with herbicides. However, this must be done repeatedly and it could be harmful to other nearby plants. To prevent this, you can paint herbicide on the limbs of the poison ivy.

Cut It Out. You can eventually exhaust the roots of poison ivy by repeatedly cutting it down. Take out the cut sections, place them in a bag and ensure they get to the landfill. In low-growing fields, you can brush hog the poison ivy; however, your clothing, footwear and the machine must be thoroughly cleaned afterwards.

Smother It. If you are not overly concerned about the appearance of the garden patch, you can cut back the weed and cover with black plastic mulch throughout the summer. Doing so will suffocate it.

When getting rid of poison ivy, you should ensure your entire body is protected from its chemical onslaught. Wear pants, boots, gloves, long-sleeved shirt and mask to prevent contact with your skin.

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