Landscaping Tips to Prevent and Minimize Poison Ivy Growth

7365563_lProperty owners are typically dismayed to come upon poison ivy in their garden or lawn. This type of plant features shiny yellow or orange-colored leaves that grow in a distinct three leaf pattern. When humans touch the leaves, an unsightly and uncomfortable itchy rash is often the result. This is because poison ivy contains the allergen urushiol. Therefore, when searching for landscaping tips and ways to prevent this plant from spreading, you will be pleased to know there are steps you can take to eliminate it from your property.

Pulling Up the Plants.

Tips concerning poison ivy include simply pulling up the plants by the root. Always wear heavy-duty rubber gloves, long sleeves and full-length pants to complete such tasks. Chop the vines and roots into small sections, as longer sections may flail through the air and come in contact with exposed skin. Use a “reacher” to place the vines and roots in a plastic-lined trash bin.

Keep in mind that roots often boast 100 times more allergy causing oils than the leaves, and therefore it is vital to avoid contact with roots. Cover the area where you removed the roots with black plastic and anchor pins and place light rocks to hold the covers down so the roots will eventually die.

Washing Clothing and Tools.

After you have finished, wash all shoes, gloves and clothing three separate times. Because tools may also become contaminated, all garden equipment should be cleaned with Technu lotion to avoid spreading the poison ivy to people or other household items or tools.

Minimizing Your Chance of a Poison Ivy Rash.

Thoroughly wash with soap and water if you think you have touched the toxic resin found on poison ivy plants. Do not touch other people or animals if you think you have been exposed. Among other practical summer tips is the recommended purchase of a barrier lotion from an outdoor supplier if you know you are going into poison-plant regions. Finally, eating the ivy leaves to “immune yourself” from their poison is an old wives tale and can cause a very dangerous reaction in your body. Although it is not always possible to avoid poison ivy, the tips outlined above will ensure your risks are minimized.

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One thought on “Landscaping Tips to Prevent and Minimize Poison Ivy Growth

  1. In recent years, I ve had a couple of substantial poison ivy episodes, which I never had as a kid. The quickest and best relief I ve found, after washing with a jewelweed soap, is to use the inside of a banana peel. I cut little 1 inch squares and put them in the freezer. Rub the inside part of the peel over the infected area every couple of hours and not only does it relieve the itch substantially, it dries up the rash in just a couple of days.

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