Landscaping Tips To Prevent Weed Growth

26608833_lRegardless of how beautifully landscaped an outdoor space is, weeds rear their ugly heads and become an unsightly nuisance. They grow everywhere and compete with lawn grass and other plants for nutrients and water. This makes the landscape less attractive and homeowners constantly try to get rid of them. Below are some landscaping tips you can use for removal and weed prevention:

Choose the Right Time. Weeding should ideally be done when moisture is in the soil. After it has rained, the soil is loosened and this makes it easier to get to their roots. If it has not been raining lately and you want to do some weeding, you can hose down the area and let it soak overnight.

Hand Pulling. Pulling weeds by hand is the hardest but best way to remove them. However, to effectively execute this technique, the whole plant and its roots must be removed. The ones with shallow roots can be held by their stem and gently pulled out. Dandelions and other weeds that have deeper roots will require more effort. A small hoe can be used to loosen the soil so you can firmly pull them out, root and all.

Mulch Mania. Mulch prevents light from getting to weed seeds; therefore, it serves as a suffocating blanket. It simultaneously provides the soil with nutrients and holds in moisture for the plants as it decomposes. To prevent or kill existing weeds, directly apply coarse wood or bark chip mulch onto the soil. Straw, grass clippings or leaves are more effective as weed deterrents, especially when used with a separating layer of fabric, cardboard or newspaper between the mulch and the soil.

For more long-lasting weed removal efforts, these prevention tips take will help you to take some proactive measures to postpone the growth of unwanted. Landscape fabric and chemical products are ideal for this.

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