Lawn Tips To Maintain Healthy Grass All Year

30130441_lThe appearance of your lawn plays a large role in your home’s curb appeal. Homeowners have to do some basic upkeep in every season, and especially in the fall, to make sure that their grass stays healthy and attractive all year long. Here are some helpful lawn tips to help ensure that your property looks great in every season:

Spring and Summer Care:

In the spring, you will want to fill in any bare spots with fresh seed. This is the ideal time to sow seeds and fertilize the lawn. The soil begins to warm up, and the increase in rainfall helps to water the lawn and allow the seeds to grow into lush, new grass. Use a spike to aerate the lawn at this time.

Once the new grass has started to fill in, you can begin mowing. Mowing often will help your home look maintained and cared for. The first few cuts should be set at about an inch, as you don’t want to take off too much in the spring. Aim to mow on a weekly basis.

The summer season with blazing sun and increased temperatures can really wreak havoc on your grass. Maintain a regular mowing schedule, and water the lawn often to keep it looking green and lush. You can fertilize the lawn in the summer, but only if you keep it well watered. Be sure to check the forecast for rain, which will help your grass stay healthy. Consider installing an irrigation system so that you can easily and effortlessly keep your lawn watered.

You may also want to do some weeding in the summer. In order to rid an area of weeds, you need to dig them up from the root and remove them completely. Use a weed killing spray sparingly, and avoid spraying weed killing chemicals during times of drought.

Fall Care:

In the fall, you need to prep the lawn for winter. Rake up and remove leaves, fertilize, and aerate. By taking the time to prepare your lawn in the fall, it will survive well throughout the winter.

Don’t lust after your neighbor’s lush lawn any longer. You too can have a lawn that inspires envy. By following these simple landscaping tips, you can have healthy grass that you’ll love in every season.

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