Spring Landscaping Tips for Columbus, Ohio

The hardiness zone for our Columbus Ohio landscaping area has changed over the last several years, and though the changes are subtle, our gardens are growing differently. One thing that has not changed is the need to prepare for each season experience. Spring is in the air and it is time to think about the seasonal landscaping. Here are a couple of simple tips to get you started:

Landscaping Tip #1

Clean before planting. This rule is good for yards as well as gardens. All manner of twigs, foliage, and dead grass lays under the last remnants of winter. Clean it away from your flower beds and out from under the bushes. Consider having it turned into compost!

Landscaping Tip #2

Plant according to your schedule. How much time can you afford to put into your lawn and landscaping beds? If you have plenty of time on your hands, you may not mind higher maintenance lawn care, but if you do not have much free time, a low-maintenance lawn or a professional Columbus Ohio landscaping company could be your solution.

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