Our Favorite Fall Landscaping Features

Just like many of you, we love fall! The air is crisp, the weather is cool, and the seasons are changing before our eyes. And do you know our absolute favorite part of the season? All of the fall landscaping projects that you can add to your outdoor space! Here are a few of our favorite fall features:

There’s No Place Better to Sit Than a Fire Pit

What’s better than snuggling up by a fire pit while the weather gets cooler? Adding a fire pit to your home will help you spend more time outside and is the perfect way to entertain guests during the fall. What’s better than sharing memories and stories by the light of the fire underneath the stars? If you add a firepit to your home, you are sure to enjoy hours of outdoor entertainment and break up the monotony of staying inside all day due to the cold weather.

Perfect your Patio

A patio is also a great way to entertain in the cool months. If you deck your space out with comfortable seating, lighting, and heating, you will have a brand new area to entertain guests and enjoy your yard. While a patio can be enjoyed all year round, you will absolutely love having this space at your disposal during the autumn months. Grab a bottle of wine and some blankets and enjoy the evening on your patio space.

The More the Merrier

One of the most scenic aspects of this season is the falling and changing leaves and colors. Simply put, the more plants you have the more you get to enjoy the reds, yellows, and oranges that signify fall. Now is the time to add additional foliage to your yard. Adding flowers, trees, and shrubs will make your space beautiful now, and will also help it flourish in the springtime.

Potted Plants

In the spirit of adding more foliage, do not underestimate the power of potted plants. Adding rustic looking pots around the area and filling them with fall-friendly flowers it a great landscaping project. These are easy, DIY projects that can make your space more inviting and can help your colors coordinate properly.

Pumpkin Displays

Pumpkins are a trademark sign of Autumn. Invest in some pumpkins to display both in your front and backyards. Choose varying sizes and craft a display that gives your home a cozy and festive feel. You can mix things up by carving a few with the kids and adding different fall elements like hay and corn to your displays. Pumpkins are a super easy way to get the desired look for the season. You can also add to this effect by adding gords of various shapes and sizes.

Time to Mulch

Mulching can be a pain, but getting it out of the way while its cool will save you hours of hard work in the harsh sunlight. Mulching your yard has another benefit too; it will make all of your plant colors pop! Your plants and shrubs will need a little TLC for the harsh winter that is just around the corner. This will give them the nutrition and sturdy base they need to survive frigid temperatures and cold weather. Your yard will surely thank you as it thrives with this new mulch job.

Let There Be Light

Since the days are growing shorter, you are going to need to compensate by adding additional lighting. Add some soft, inviting light to your front and back porches to help with entertaining. Invest in smaller outdoor lights around your plants to show off your landscaping at night time. Adding lighting around walkways and paths is always a great idea for both safety and aesthetic. The days might be shorter and the nights might be darker, but this additional lighting will give your space a cozy, homey feel.

If you haven’t already, it’s time to fall in love with fall! There are so many outdoor projects and touches that you can add to your space to make it warm, welcoming, and ready for Autumn. If you have ideas for a landscaping feature, don’t forget to consult the experts at Hidden Creek. We will have your space up in running in no time at all!

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Fall Tips For Landscaping Redesign

1625729_10152040817452083_566120464_nHave you owned your property for a long time and are getting bored with its appearance? Then consider it an opportune time to consider landscaping redesign!  With a fresh, new landscape, your property assumes an almost new ambiance, its value increases, and it gives you a new love of your land. Here are some landscape redesign tips to help you gain a new appreciation of your yard.

The Gradual Blossoming Of Time:

The once enchanting landscape –the trees, flowers, bed designs, ponds, swings, shrubs and lawns- that originally made you fall in love with your home, should have matured and lost its luster by now. Landscaping redesign is aimed at giving a fresh look to your property by changing the design and layout of it. Play areas for kids who have since moved out can be remodeled and transformed into something else, like a greenhouse garden or a work space for woodworking projects. It might also be the right time to uproot shrubs and plants that don’t look as healthy as they used to and replace them with new ones.

Begin With A Focal Point:

To begin a redesign of your backyard, it helps to start with a focal point, the place that you want your guests’ eyes to be drawn towards. This could be a statue, a water feature, a beautiful tree, an outdoor art piece or a flower garden. Whatever you pick should stand out but have a connection with the rest of your landscape. You want the colors and textures to flow together, while making a bold statement. Deciding what you want to be the main attraction of your backyard will help you and your landscape team design the rest to go with it.

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