4 Tips to Get Your Backyard Ready for Summer Parties

Backyard PartyThe hot days and nights of summer are the perfect times to throw outdoor parties. However, it is necessary to get your patio in top condition. Here are five tips that will help.

1. Lighting is Essential

When you want to entertain on your patio in the evening, lighting is essential. There are simple types of lights to install that will add wonderful ambiance and utility to the space. String lighting, spotlights or solar lanterns will offer a touch of class and elegance.

2. Think Green

Greenery is a great addition around any patio. If you do not like the idea of large bushes and trees that need to be maintained, it may be a smarter idea to scatter small planter boxes around your yard. Small containers can be filled with colorful flowers that enhance the space. A good tip is to fill planters with a lightweight soil mixture. This encourages good drainage so that you maintain healthy plants.

3. Consider a Sheltered Space

In Ohio, the weather is unpredictable. Summer is known for sunshine and heat along with rain and humidity. If you are hosting an afternoon barbecue or similar event, your guests may want to have a place that is away from the warmth. You may wish to consider installing an awning or pergola over part of your patio. This could come in handy when an unexpected rainstorm pops up as well.

4. Outside Drink Station

No outdoor party is complete without a bar. It keeps people from constantly running inside of the house for drinks. The ideal bar will include a refrigerator to keep things cool and store ice, also containing a shelf to hold glasses will keep things compact and organized.

If you want to get your patio and backyard ready for summer, meet with the our experts to plan your perfect outdoor space.

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Bringing Your Interior Style To The Outdoors

When planning your landscape design, you will want to think about the elements inside of the home that you can bring outside, as well. Creating areas that allow you to entertain, unwind, and relax will allow you to expand your home’s living space. Here are some ideas on how to bring your interior style and outdoor living space together:


If you love to entertain, cook, and enjoy meals inside of the home, there’s no reason not to bring that same atmosphere outside. If you have the space, you can create an outdoor kitchen area that will allow you to cook and prepare food. Your landscape design can include plans for a patio, where you can set up a grill and a table and chairs for dining.


With the right comfortable furnishings that are suitable for the outdoors, you can create a cozy space for relaxing. Add an outdoor sofa or chairs and a table where you can set down a good book and a glass of wine or iced tea. In the yard, add a hammock, perfect for napping out in the fresh air.

If you want to plant a flower garden that is set out in the yard away from the home, consider adding a small table and chairs for lounging. This would be an ideal area to enjoy tea, read a book, or just to stop and smell the flowers. Place a birdbath nearby so that you can enjoy birdwatching.


Lighting is an important element in landscape design, especially if you want to enjoy your patio, deck, or yard once the sun goes down. Luckily, there are many options for stylish lighting that is suitable for the outdoors. If you have a walkway or path, you will want to have it lit for visibility. This can be done with solar powered lights that can be placed right into the ground.

If you have a deck or patio with steps leading up to the home, there are lights that can be built right in for maximum visibility. Not only do they add ambiance, but they also provide a level of safety by keeping the steps well lit.

Having outdoor living space that you can enjoy when the weather is nice is truly a luxury. Create a design plan that will make your exterior as comfortable and stylish as your home’s interior. You can bring your style and taste into the outdoors.

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Cooking In The Outdoor Kitchen Of Your Dreams

An outdoor kitchen is one of the most desirable features for homeowners today. During the winter, begin planning the layout for the ultimate cook’s entertaining area. Once the warmer weather hits, you will be able to host family and friends in a unique, comfortable setting. Take full advantage of yard spaces by transforming a bland patio into a fully equipped kitchen that you’ll love using.

What to Include

When designing your outdoor kitchen, you have to select the appliances that you need and want. Options include a refrigerator, wine cooler, gas range top, grill, and even a dishwasher. If you love barbecue, then you’ll likely want a gas or charcoal grill, and perhaps even a smoker. Storage space below the counters will make it easy to store dishes and utensils. You can make your outdoor kitchen as luxurious or low key as you want.

Prep & Dining

Low counters are ideal for prepping up food before tossing it on the grill. Even if you are working with a small space, you will want to have at least one area of the counter that is installed at a lower height. If space allows, add bar height counters where guests can sit and relax. This makes it easy to chat and spend time together as you cook. The ability to entertain and prepare food at the same time is what makes an outdoor kitchen so great.

Having an outdoor entertaining area that you truly love to use will make parties and casual gatherings much more enjoyable. You can prepare all of your favorite dishes for friends and family, without feeling like you’re spending all of your time alone in the kitchen. There are no limits to the features that can be included, so get creative and design the kitchen of your dreams right in your back yard.

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