Benefits of Having a Green Roof

hidden-creek-landscaping-green-roof-environmentally-friendlyThe environmentally friendly movement has been gaining momentum for several decades as people embrace “green” lifestyles. Numerous homeowners have discovered that the many benefits of a green roof make it possible to maintain an eco-friendly home, while simultaneously enjoying the luxury of functional fashion.


Regardless of how environmentally conscious one is, he or she may still ponder the question “why have a green roof?” The multiple benefits speak for themselves, the most advantageous of which are outlined below:

Financial Return

Even though the initial expense of green roofs may be higher than their traditional counterparts, they usually pay for themselves within several years.

Extra Insulation

Green roofs create an extra layer of insulation for the dwelling. This means that the property owner can use less insulation, as well as less energy to cool and heat the home.

Sound Proofing

Another significant benefit of green roofs is the fact that they are essentially soundproof. This is highly advantageous for those who live in areas with a considerable amount of traffic or neighborhood noise.

Aesthetic Appeal

Green roofs almost always end up being the talk of the town. Because of their unusual appearance, they draw attention from neighbors and others in the community, and virtually everyone loves their beautiful and unique details.

Fewer Roof Drains Required

A green roof also enables homeowners to reduce the number of roof drains that are needed or even eliminate them entirely. Although this may not seem like a huge advantage, when drain cleaning time comes, most people find it a major benefit.

For the Environment:

Another advantage of green roofs is their impact on the “Urban Heat Island Effect.” In other words, the more green roofs that are found in an urban area, the lower the heat island effect. This leads to a decrease in costs for communities trying to meet greenhouse gas reductions and be more environmentally friendly.

Stormwater Effects

Green roofs also lower the costs necessary to handle stormwater effects. Green roofs have very little runoff, and therefore create additional space in local storm sewers.

Clean Oxygen

Finally, green roofs aid in the production of clean oxygen. With an increasing number of forests and landscapes being destroyed, the need for plants to manufacture oxygen continues to escalate. Providing a roof that can boost oxygen production is an ideal way to ensure that our planet stays green and healthy for many future generations.

Commercial Green Roof Benefits

Green roofs are beneficial for commercial building owners who are looking for ways to be environmentally friendly. For example, they expand roof longevity two to three times. Additionally, they reduce heating and cooling costs and offer businesses up to 15 LEED credits. It is also possible for certain commercial building owners to receive municipality and government incentives for installing a green roof.

Ultimately, there is a vast array of benefits associated with eco-friendly roofs. Therefore, those whose goal is to maintain an environmentally friendly home or business have everything to gain and nothing to lose by contacting a qualified professional to obtain an estimate on a new, beautiful, green roof.

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Popular Fall Landscaping Design Options For Patio Lovers

1911664_10152040815607083_1217133883_nThe patio space can be one of the most decorative and inviting sections of the home, especially if the homeowner chooses to decorate seasonally. Keeping up with the styles of the seasons can be a great way to add more presence to the home itself, and the fall always provides interested patio lovers with plenty of inspiration when it comes to decorative options. By following some of these tips, it can be easy for any homeowner to get the design they want for their patio.

Orange and its Potential: There are some colors that just define a season, and orange has always been in style for the fall. Homeowners will have a variety of options when it comes to displaying the best of this fiery style and color, but it can also be a good idea to branch out and explore contrasting options as well. The bright colors of the fall can always stand out even better with the right accenting pieces. Homeowners are encouraged to introduce plenty of black, green and violet elements as well, especially with fixtures and furnishings that are designed to attract viewer attention.

Natural Fixtures: While the winter and the summer may be defined by the temperature changes, the fall and the spring have always been defined by the environmental changes. The fall is a particularly magical season because of how many new and different forms the familiar surrounding flora can take. Homeowners are strongly encouraged to incorporate some of these transitions into their decor. These can include any number of fascinating fixtures, such as statues or motifs that can complement the environment. And speaking of the environment

Include the Environment! One of the best inspirations to drawn from during the fall is the natural world itself. The patio can always be complemented with the presence of fallen leaves or twisting vines and branches. The introduction of these living elements can allow the more artistic and static ones to pop to life and vice versa. Natural colors can always complement the environment, and playing around with negative and positive space can allow homeowners to add a modern spin to traditional decorations.

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