Why You Should Start Your Spring Projects in the Fall

pexels-photo-259588A number of homeowners consider spring and summer as the perfect seasons to maintain their garden and lawn. However, landscaping experts have found that proper prepping and other fall projects lead to lusher spring landscaping. Below are some details on fall projects you can do to prepare your landscaping for the spring:

• Apply chemicals to stop the growth of winter weeds in the flower beds. Trim your shrubs and you can also add seasonal color by planting chrysanthemums in the fall.

• If there are perennials in the yard, now is the time to cut them back. Plants like daylilies can also be divided at this time.

• Add some type of organic compost to the landscape. Following this, you can add about 2 inches of mulch or pine straw.

• Fall is also the best time to plant shrubs and trees. At this time of the year, the strongest hydrocarbons are present in the soil and this makes the roots grow to their strongest potential.

• It is very important for your spring bulbs to be planted in the fall. To emerge beautifully in the spring, they require the cold of the winter as the weather change. The colder the season, the better it is for the spring bulbs.

• Mix in compost with the existing soil and allow it to marinate throughout the winter. The fall is the ideal time to ensure the soil has adequate nourishment to make it through the cold months of winter. This nourishment is provided through proper composting.

Any grass growing in your yard should be cleaned up during the fall. Any debris that remains and covers the turf will compact and suffocate the grass and compact the soil. When it starts to warm up, the grass will have difficulty growing in the compacted soil.

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Fall Tips For Landscaping Redesign

1625729_10152040817452083_566120464_nHave you owned your property for a long time and are getting bored with its appearance? Then consider it an opportune time to consider landscaping redesign!  With a fresh, new landscape, your property assumes an almost new ambiance, its value increases, and it gives you a new love of your land. Here are some landscape redesign tips to help you gain a new appreciation of your yard.

The Gradual Blossoming Of Time:

The once enchanting landscape –the trees, flowers, bed designs, ponds, swings, shrubs and lawns- that originally made you fall in love with your home, should have matured and lost its luster by now. Landscaping redesign is aimed at giving a fresh look to your property by changing the design and layout of it. Play areas for kids who have since moved out can be remodeled and transformed into something else, like a greenhouse garden or a work space for woodworking projects. It might also be the right time to uproot shrubs and plants that don’t look as healthy as they used to and replace them with new ones.

Begin With A Focal Point:

To begin a redesign of your backyard, it helps to start with a focal point, the place that you want your guests’ eyes to be drawn towards. This could be a statue, a water feature, a beautiful tree, an outdoor art piece or a flower garden. Whatever you pick should stand out but have a connection with the rest of your landscape. You want the colors and textures to flow together, while making a bold statement. Deciding what you want to be the main attraction of your backyard will help you and your landscape team design the rest to go with it.

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