Enhance Your Outdoor Space with a Fall Friendly Transformation

Enjoy the outdoors by transforming a plain patio into a chic outdoor kitchen. Cooking in a natural setting is a wonderful way to escape the doldrums of a normal daily routine. The openness brings a refreshing essence that adds a festive touch to any meal. Today, a modern outdoor kitchen is an extension of the house’s living space. It is wise to choose functional accessories and appliances that match the existing decor. Decorating in the correct manner makes the space conducive for entertaining as well.

Custom outdoor patios with kitchens can be highly personalized. Most contain a large barbecue grill, wet bar, and fire place.  Appliances are the most important investment. Quality is vital. Each piece must be specially crafted to withstand the elements. It is possible to go all out and install a pizza oven or wine fridge. Lighting is essential, especially for entertaining. It creates a welcoming ambiance and provides safety as well.

The perfect touch for Fall entertaining is a fire pit. This is less formal than a traditional fireplace and manages to take the chill out of the air. A lounge area with comfortable furniture and a television will complete the effect. Speakers can be used to infuse music into the air as well. Planning the perfect layout will make the patio functional and aesthetically pleasing. The space is sure to be the hub of neighborhood gatherings.

While Fall is already upon us, it isn’t too early to start thinking about Fall 2015.  If you find yourself attending parties and get-togethers at other people’s homes, and wish you had a great space of your own for entertaining, remember that Hidden Creek Landscaping can make that dream come true.  Contact us today to learn more about our Columbus, Ohio landscape design services.

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