Enhance Your Landscaping With These Fall Tips & Tricks

shutterstock_210404245While you may think that the autumn is a time for winding down yard work, you actually do need to spend some time on fall landscaping. Doing so will keep your lawn and gardens in great shape throughout the winter. Here’s some helpful tips to enhance your landscaping this fall:

Embrace the colors. Embrace the colors of the season by decorating with hardy mums, vibrant asters, and pretty pansies. You can make beautiful flower box arrangements and pots to place on a porch or front walkway. Mums are the quintessential fall flower, since they come in a variety of stunning colors, including shades of purple, scarlet, yellow, and orange.

Rake often. To keep your lawn looking its very best and to keep grass healthy, you will want to rake up fallen leaves often. If you let them pile up too much, moisture will build up underneath, which can damage the grass. Spend a few minutes every few days raking up the freshly fallen foliage, and especially before it rains.

Continue mowing. As long as your grass is still growing, you should continue mowing it. Once you do the final mow of the season, the blades of grass should all be the same length. This will help keep your lawn healthy through the winter, and ensure that it starts off growth in the spring the right way.

Aerate and reseed. Your lawn can take a beating from the scorching sun and high temperatures during the summer. Fill in any dry, damaged patches by aerating and reseeding. Choose the best grass seed type for your region, spread plenty of seeds, and keep them well watered.

By following these fall landscaping tips, you can maintain a beautiful lawn and garden throughout the year. There will be less work to do in the spring, and you’ll be able to relax in the winter, knowing that your yard looks great.

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Landscaping Tips For September Weather

20140828_bender_0124Adding a patio to your home, reshuffling flowerbeds, making space for a fish pond, or even something as simple as maintaining a vegetable garden can bring beauty and calmness into your life.  Below are some September landscaping tips for fall weather.

Loyal Evergreens. Evergreen trees and shrubs are loyal when compared to deciduous ones, especially when it comes to giving your garden that jaw dropping contrast: lush green juxtaposed with dying and falling leaves. You don’t want to overdo it, so sticking to low-rise evergreens that don’t overshadow other delightful spaces in your yard.

Think ‘All Year Round’.  Choose plants that thrive through the different seasons whilst the other ones dwindle. Consult with your landscaper on how to incorporate multiple plant varieties.

A Fresh Layer Of Paint. They say you never get a second chance at a first impression, but we believe that with landscaping and home improvements, you do. Adding a fresh layer of paint to walls, garden chairs and gutters makes quite an intriguing impression at a time when, quite naturally, everything ought to be dull and boring.

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Practical Lawn Care Tips For September Weather

shutterstock_132314303Fall is the time when many homeowners look to landscaping cleanup by trimming back overgrowth produced in the summer and removing annuals and other plants that won’t last through the winter. The cooler months are ideal for much more than removing spent stems and dead branches or placing covers on fragile plants and bushes to help them make it past sub-zero temperatures.

You or your landscape contractor should perform essential maintenance in the fall to prepare for growth next spring. In the cooler months topside growth slows down, but it’s prime time for roots to develop. One of the top lawn care tips is to aerate your lawn so that water and nutrients can reach the roots. An aerator will pull out soil plus up to 3 inches long that will break down by spring. don’t forget to feed your grass too. Although cutting back on fertilizer in late summer prevents perennials from producing unnecessary leaves, grass roots keep growing until the ground temperature dips below 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Apply a high-phosphorus (12-25-12) fertilizer to encourage roots, so turf greens earlier in spring.

Don’t waste fallen leaves. Instead of putting them in a bag by the curb, rake them into a tarp and put them into a compost bin. The mixture can help feed shrubs, flowers and vegetables the following year.

Remember those half dead bushes in your backyard? Pull them out and replace them with something new. Fall is a good time to add new shrubs and trees because roots will get a head start in the season’s cool, moist soil.

Speaking of dead or dying branches, if a shrub or tree is healthy for the most part, fall is the ideal time to trim those. Remove cracked, loose and diseased limbs, especially those that are close to your home. for large jobs, bring in a professional to do the work.

Flowers need lots of care as work now will result in healthier spring beds. Clear the ground of spent annuals and the snails and slugs that feed on them. Trim perennial foliage to the ground to send energy to the roots for next season. Every three years, divide tuberous plants such as irises and daylilies.

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Don’t Fall Into Lawn Envy!

Have you ever had lawn envy?  It’s not a great feeling when your neighbor’s yard always seems to be greener, more vibrant, and lush than yours; especially when you have to look at it every day.  You probably wonder how they did it, and where you went wrong.  Don’t blame yourself; lawn care may seem simple, but in reality it requires a lot of education and know how to truly understand what is affecting your lawn.  Chances are that your neighbors hired a professional landscaping company, and if you want your yard to be the envy of the block, you should think about doing so too!

Hidden Creek Landscaping offers professional year-round lawn care and maintenance to the Columbus, Ohio areas.  This Fall in particular we can help you with your Fall cleanup, ground maintenance, and fertilization programs.  Fall is a very important time for proper lawn maintenance, as it has a large impact on the health of your yard come springtime.

Contact Hidden Creek Landscaping today to learn how we can help you with Fall lawn maintenance, and turn your yard into the greenest, most vibrant, yard in your neighborhood.


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