Simple Tips For Hosting A Tailgate Party On Your Patio

23307793_lPatios are great places to entertain. You can hold a variety of parties including a tailgate party during football season. With the right game to broadcast, equipment and enthusiasm, you can have a wonderful championship party by following a few easy tailgating tips.

  1. The outdoor theater set up has to be large enough for optimal viewing by many people. There are now waterproof televisions you can rent for outdoor entertaining.
  2. You need to have lots of comfortable seating for your guests. In addition to folding chairs and stools, you can use oversized pillows and cushions, benches, and even a sofa.
  3. At a backyard tailgate party you can have traditional foods such as burgers and hot dogs, or anything else you want such as ribs, chili, or soup. As long as you have enough food to sustain your guests, the type of food really will not matter.
  4. You can ask guests to bring their favorite tailgate appetizers or finger foods to share so people have a wider range of foods to sample.
  5. If you are using a grill, you can ask a few guests to take shifts manning the grill so you do not spend all your time cooking.
  6. In case of sudden bad weather, you need to have a contingency plan. If it starts to rain, you can move the party indoors or have a large tent ready to put up. If the temperature turns chilly, a space heater or fire pit can warm up guests. You can also pass out blankets or throws to keep guests cozy.

A backyard tailgating party can be lots of fun if you plan it well. With the right mix of people, food, and comfort, you patio tailgate party could be legendary.

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Easy Tips For Hosting A Tailgate Party On The Patio

23307793_lWith football season set to get into full swing, it’s time to start preparing to host gatherings to watch the game. Your patio can be the perfect spot for pre-game fun with friends and family. Here are 5 easy tips for hosting a tailgate party on the patio this fall:

Plenty of snacks. Snacks are a must for any get together, so be sure to stock up for a tailgate party. Grab bags of potato chips, tortillas, salsa, dips, pretzel sticks, and other easy finger foods. A veggie tray is a tasty and healthy option. Keep appetizers coming that you can pop right in the oven and warm up.

Coolers for cold beverages. Cold drinks are essential, so keep a few coolers on the patio that are stocked up with water, soda, and beer. Disposable coolers are affordable and convenient. Just make sure to fill them up with enough ice to last through the day.

Prepare easy eats. While you’ll have plenty of snacks on hand, your guests will want to east something hearty, too. Prepare a big batch of chili in the crock pot, or roast beef with Kaiser rolls for simple sandwiches. Side dishes like baked beans, pasta salad, potato salad, and Cole slaw are the perfect complement.

Fire up the grill. No tailgating party on the patio would be complete with firing up the grill. Have burgers, steaks, hot dogs, kabobs, and grilled veggies for guests to enjoy.

Hook up the flatscreen. There’s one thing that a tailgate party absolutely has to have, and that’s live coverage of the game. Hook up a flatscreen on the patio so everyone can watch the action.

Light the fire pit. Since it starts to get pretty chilly in the fall, you’ll want to have a heat source so your guests stay comfortable. A fire pit is the perfect place to gather as the temperature starts to drop. Put out a few flannel blankets and outdoor pillows for added comfort.

As you prepare for your tailgate patio party, keep these helpful tips in mind. Serving good food, making a comfortable place to hang out, and stocking up on cold drinks will ensure a great time is had by all. Friends and family will love watching the game at your place when you show them that you’re a host who thinks ahead!

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