Tis The Season For Unique Holiday/Christmas Gifts

‘Tis the Season’ often brings on thoughts of sitting around an indoor fireplace leaving winter outside where it belongs. While this is understandable when the ‘weather outside if frightful’ what about those times when being outdoors is more than desirable? Giving unique holiday/Christmas gifts to those who enjoy spending time in living areas beyond the walls of their homes may require something just a bit different. Outdoor gifts are the perfect answer when the recipient already has everything needed to enjoy indoor living.

No one should be surprised to learn that there is more to a home than what can be found only after entering through a doorway. A home’s exterior generally includes lawn, garden and patio and these offer numerous opportunities for spending leisure time and quiet evenings soaking up as much natural light and fresh air as possible. The only thing is that sometimes that area is left unattended to and becomes less than attractive with little if any appeal.

Generous individuals who would like to give unique holiday/Christmas gifts to someone special should seriously consider outdoor gifts. Gifting someone or a family with a custom designed covered patio, complete with a hot tub and fireplace, could make the recipient’s dreams come true. Anyone who enjoys entertaining could spend many hours delighting in this kind of amazing gift.

An outdoor kitchen is the epitome of outdoor gifts because it provides even more opportunity for nature lovers to bask in their surroundings and becomes the gift that keeps on giving. Such unique holiday/Christmas gifts may be intended for a single person or family, but it is unusual when they are not shared with others. Done right they can even become the envy of neighbors, friends and acquaintances.

Something as simple as a small pond with rocks and foliage tucked into an intimate corner of the yard can provide inspiration for other outdoor gifts. The only limit to what can be done with unique holiday/Christmas gifts is the imagination. Bringing creativity to life can warm up anyone’s holiday season.  To explore the possibilities available for your outdoor space, contact Hidden Creek Landscaping today.

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Unique Holiday Landscaping Decorating Ideas For Homes And Businesses

The holidays are almost upon us. While you may have decorated trees and hung the wreaths, you might not know what to do with regard to outdoor decorations. Holiday decorating is a tedious process that requires skill and precision to achieve the best results. Hidden Creek Landscaping has a few outdoor decorating ideas that you can use as inspiration.

Create Your Own CandyLand
Since the holiday season is a time of cheer, you could decorate your garden with various holiday-themed candy props. Candy canes, gingerbread people and Christmas tree cookies are great inspiration pieces. You can shape various shrubs to resemble these holiday goodies. You can always decorate plants with Christmas lights to achieve a colorful result. If you want, you could cover your house with lights as well to make it resemble a gingerbread cottage.

Santa’s Workshop

If candy isn’t appealing, having a display that resembles Santa’s workshop would be perfect as well. You can create a makeshift sleigh out of Christmas lights, or even create wire reindeer. You can also hang various toys on trees or shrubs to complete the effect.

The Star Of Bethlehem

If you prefer a minimalistic concept, stars will add a glamorous touch to your patio and garden. Using Christmas lights and star-shaped lanterns, you can create a theme that mimics the night sky. This concept is perfect for outdoor locations that have tall trees, as they can be used as a base for the large star lanterns.

Holiday decorating does not have to be a complicated process. With the help of a good landscaping team your home and business outdoor decorating concepts can come to life without having to break a sweat.

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