Summer Colors for Your Home

shutterstock_217424809New coats of exterior colors provide the perfect opportunity to give your curb appeal a boost this summer.  This also extends the life of the exterior of the home and enhances the overall look of the property.  The main things to consider when looking for summer colors are light, location, scale and architecture.

Bear in mind that exterior colors are typically applied to the siding, roof and trim of the home.  This makes for a long-term investment when compared to wall paint and accessories.  Thankfully, with a bit of color knowledge, you can choose the perfect color scheme to highlight the architectural style of your home and reflect your personal design preference.
As a part of your preparation to select exterior colors, you should tour neighborhoods and take note of the colors that appeal to your design aesthetics.  Pay close attention to homes with an architectural style similar to that of your home.
For homes with brick or stone siding, choose a minimum of two colors for the exterior.  Choose three colors for homes in which the siding paint will be the main color.  The additional colors will be a complementary trim color and an accent color for shutters, doors and decorative trim.
It is also important to factor in the size of your home.  Based on its’ proportions, you could opt to tone down or emphasize certain features.  Lighter colors are typically used to visually expand the home or one of its features; darker colors visually shrink them.  Neutral colors allow certain features to fade into the background, while bright colors bring attention to them.
You can find color scheme inspirations in color forecasts; they are typically presented with coordinating color ideas.  We can help you design, build and maintain your home. Contact us today!
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5 Tips On How Landscaping Can Increase Your Home’s Value

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 2.12.31 PMGood landscaping is an excellent way to heighten home value. Maintaining your yard increases curb appeal and highlights the best your property offers. Here are some simple tips that will boost the appeal of your exterior space.

1. Stick with a Plan. Some homeowners clutter their yards with many plants. Although different varieties keep things interesting, plants should maintain a uniform appearance. The perfect look will blend shrubs and perennials.

2. Match Home Style with Landscaping. To maximize property value, landscaping must mesh with a home’s style. For example, when you own a Victorian home, it is wise to create a country landscape that has old-fashioned flair. A more contemporary house may look better with an informal garden filled with bountiful greenery.

3. Trees. Although many homeowners concentrate on garden beds, lawns, and flowers, it is wise to consider planting trees. Real estate studies show neighborhoods lined with trees have higher sale prices. Since trees provide clean air, they attract environmentally conscious buyers. Also, the shade of trees creates a cooler environment where individuals can enjoy sitting outdoors on their porches or patios.

4. Think Four Seasons. Your home should be filled with plants that bloom at various times of the year. This keeps the property looking fresh though season changes. No matter when you decide to sell, your home will have landscaping appeal. It is easy to plant a mixture of spring bulbs, summer annuals, brightly colored fall bushes, and winter evergreens.

5. Maintain the Lawn. Nothing increases home value like a maintained lawn. Besides having a green and vibrant color, grass should be neatly edged. This gives the appearance of no weeds and a clean yard.

Investing in a home’s landscape will provide a large return on investment. For more tips, consult with the experts at Hidden Creek Landscaping. This business will provide you with a custom design that complements your property and enhances its appeal.

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