Enhance Your Landscaping With These Fall Tips & Tricks

shutterstock_210404245While you may think that the autumn is a time for winding down yard work, you actually do need to spend some time on fall landscaping. Doing so will keep your lawn and gardens in great shape throughout the winter. Here’s some helpful tips to enhance your landscaping this fall:

Embrace the colors. Embrace the colors of the season by decorating with hardy mums, vibrant asters, and pretty pansies. You can make beautiful flower box arrangements and pots to place on a porch or front walkway. Mums are the quintessential fall flower, since they come in a variety of stunning colors, including shades of purple, scarlet, yellow, and orange.

Rake often. To keep your lawn looking its very best and to keep grass healthy, you will want to rake up fallen leaves often. If you let them pile up too much, moisture will build up underneath, which can damage the grass. Spend a few minutes every few days raking up the freshly fallen foliage, and especially before it rains.

Continue mowing. As long as your grass is still growing, you should continue mowing it. Once you do the final mow of the season, the blades of grass should all be the same length. This will help keep your lawn healthy through the winter, and ensure that it starts off growth in the spring the right way.

Aerate and reseed. Your lawn can take a beating from the scorching sun and high temperatures during the summer. Fill in any dry, damaged patches by aerating and reseeding. Choose the best grass seed type for your region, spread plenty of seeds, and keep them well watered.

By following these fall landscaping tips, you can maintain a beautiful lawn and garden throughout the year. There will be less work to do in the spring, and you’ll be able to relax in the winter, knowing that your yard looks great.

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Fall Tips For Landscaping Redesign

1625729_10152040817452083_566120464_nHave you owned your property for a long time and are getting bored with its appearance? Then consider it an opportune time to consider landscaping redesign!  With a fresh, new landscape, your property assumes an almost new ambiance, its value increases, and it gives you a new love of your land. Here are some landscape redesign tips to help you gain a new appreciation of your yard.

The Gradual Blossoming Of Time:

The once enchanting landscape –the trees, flowers, bed designs, ponds, swings, shrubs and lawns- that originally made you fall in love with your home, should have matured and lost its luster by now. Landscaping redesign is aimed at giving a fresh look to your property by changing the design and layout of it. Play areas for kids who have since moved out can be remodeled and transformed into something else, like a greenhouse garden or a work space for woodworking projects. It might also be the right time to uproot shrubs and plants that don’t look as healthy as they used to and replace them with new ones.

Begin With A Focal Point:

To begin a redesign of your backyard, it helps to start with a focal point, the place that you want your guests’ eyes to be drawn towards. This could be a statue, a water feature, a beautiful tree, an outdoor art piece or a flower garden. Whatever you pick should stand out but have a connection with the rest of your landscape. You want the colors and textures to flow together, while making a bold statement. Deciding what you want to be the main attraction of your backyard will help you and your landscape team design the rest to go with it.

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