Fall Is A Great Time For Landscape Design

Avid gardeners are rarely satisfied with how their garden landscape looks or produces. While many green thumbs do landscaping planning and even redesign landscaping in the spring, fall, specifically October and November, can prove better for plant health and for the opportunities to get those hands dirty.

Think of the most important part of any plant. It’s the root system which provides the anchor and nutrients to the entire botanical. Fall planting of perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees helps establish roots and also allows the plants to go into a vital time of dormancy.

In addition, cool spring weather and hot summer days can actually discourage new growth. Spring is typically rainy, creating fewer workdays in the flower bed, and the soil may be too cold for young plants to thrive. Summer heat can stress new plants and encourage disease and pests such as insects and rodents.

On the other hand, soil in the fall is typically warm and nurturing, giving the roots of perennial flowers, trees and shrubbery time to get established and a much needed period of dormancy through the winter. Plants with large root systems, such as hostas, divide well in the fall and can work well into a landscape redesign.

If you find that you are unhappy with your current landscaping, feel that it has a lot more potential, or simply want a change, Hidden Creek Landscaping is here to help you draw up a new landscape design that will fit your personal taste and budget. ¬†Please contact us today to start discussing options, and take one step closer towards the landscaping you’ve dreamed of.

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