Summer Landscaping Tips For Homeowners

IMG_1342There are many options for landscaping the outdoor space. As such, homeowners are often overwhelmed with the available choices. However, it is important to think through and carefully plan your landscaping project to get the look and function you want. Your plan should also include the time and effort you are willing to invest in maintaining your yard. Below are some summer landscaping tips you can use to get your outdoor space ready for all your seasonal exploits:

Carefully Choose Your Landscaping Elements. Flowers and other plants native to your specific area will need to be cared for regularly; however, much less pesticides, water and maintenance are required to assist them in thriving. This will enable you to spend less time maintaining your yard and more time appreciating and enjoying it.

Add Touches of Color. Planting an assortment of flowers is a remarkable way of adding color to your landscape. Colorful flowers contribute to making your outdoor space more beautiful and inviting. Your landscaping efforts can be made easier when you use perennials. However, using biennials and annuals will assist you in increasing your options regarding design.

Pavers. Brick pavers can be an exceptional design option for your landscape. Best of all, they are relatively affordable and easy to install. They are ideal for offsetting a particular design feature and for creating pathways. A remarkable function of pavers is that the design can be easily changed in the future.

Lighting. This essential element can add function and drama to your outdoor space. Whether ambient or functional, the right lighting can have a huge impact on your yard. There are a number of lighting options that will bring function and beauty to your outdoor space.

These are just a few summer landscaping tips that can be incorporated into your outdoor projects.

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Tips To Avoid Weeds This Spring

shutterstock_581198158Weed intrusion can be tremendously overwhelming and can seem like a never-ending nightmare. These intruders germinate quickly and as such, fast action is necessary to get rid of them. Below are some spring landscaping tips to help you prevent weeds this season and beyond:

Healthy Grass. Having a healthy lawn is the best weed-control technique. Weeds typically indicate soil problem or that the lawn needs more nutrients.

Proper Watering. Properly watering the lawn will assist in fighting weeds. Your lawn should be watered roughly once weekly with approximately one inch of water. This helps to grow deep grass roots, stopping the weeds.

Mulch. Lay approximately 2 inches of mulch on areas of your yard in which you want flowers to grow or where you do not want grass to grow. Mulch keeps the soil cool, helps plants to thrive and prevent weed seeds from taking root.

Grow Tall Grass. Grow tall grass by setting your lawn mower to its highest settings. Tall, thick grass provides shade for the weed seeds. This makes it more difficult for weeds to sprout.
Pre-emergent herbicides. These herbicides will prevent the weeds from embedding themselves into the soil. Controlling weeds is quite labor-intensive; however, the exceptional rewards are well worth the effort. If you prefer to forgo the task of do-it-yourself weed control this spring, there are professional landscapers available. These experts will undertake the task and leave your yard looking its best throughout year. Having a beautiful yard to enjoy during the spring and beyond is priceless.

If you have weed problems you are unable to control or you would rather pass on, professional help is available. This will prevent those parasites from killing your plants and ruining the look of your outdoor space. Prevent weeds and fully enjoy your yard this season and beyond.

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The Benefits of Luxury Lighting in Your Landscaping

DSC_3311Landscape lighting is an excellent way of increasing the safety and security of your property. This type of luxury lighting heightens visibility and lowers the dangers of individuals falling. If your yard is not well lit, there is the ever present risk of someone falling and becoming injured when using the space at night.

Proper lighting will reveal uneven spaces or any other potentially dangerous flaws in the landscape. Therefore, to avoid liability for another person’s injury, you can use lights to strategically illuminate your property to make it safer.

Aesthetic Appeal. With the right landscaping tips, luxury lighting can be used to elevate the cool factor of your home. Essentially, well-placed lights can be used to accentuate the best parts of your outdoor space, making the surrounding landscape sparkle with beauty. Any intricate architectural detail of your property can be highlighted remarkably with strategically placed lights.

For example, luxury lighting can be used to illuminate the branches of your favorite tree. You can also use downlights on the tree to highlight its shape and special areas under it. At night, focal points like garden walls can be brought to life with bullet, well and flood lights. These lights will fill the space and accentuate texture and color.

Security Effects. Burglars are attracted to dark and poorly-lit homes. Luxury lighting is a remarkable deterrent to predators who thrive in darkness. Since lighting focuses attention on your property, the chances of a would-be burglar being spotted will increase exponentially. Additionally, landscape lighting enables household members and visitors to better view the area when they arrive at night. Having a brightened view of the perimeter of the property will assist in detecting anyone lurking on or around the yard.

These are just a few of the benefits of outfitting your property with luxury lighting.

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Landscaping Tips That Really Work

IMG_1342Anyone can have a garden that looks like it is from paradise. However, landscaping tips that really work are those that are passed on from generation to generation. So this is us passing on to you what we learned and continue to practice with resounding success.

Self-sufficiency. All you truly need in terms of mulch and manure is right under your nose without you even knowing it. Fallen leaves and freshly cut grass are two things you need in order to maintain your very own compost heap. You will find that you will save a lot of money whilst at the same time getting a sense of satisfaction that comes with being self sufficient. As it turns out, Greg never went to the vegetable store as all he ever really needed was right there in his garden.

Winning The War On Weeds. Weeds are not only parasitic plants that suck the life out of your flowers and lawn, but they also give a pretty unkempt appearance to your garden. Herbicides are the quickest way to rid your garden of a common garden pestilence the easy way. All you need are snapshots of the annoying proliferation which you can then give to a specialist. He/she will then direct you to use a herbicide specific to it. Not only will your plants grow with increased vigor and tenacity, but your garden will look much neater without them.

Edging. Before i forget, you must also edge you beds and lawn to give your home that edgy, transcendent look. All you need is a flat shovel, a design and you’re good to go.

Happy landscaping 🙂

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February Landscaping Tips For You

shutterstock_529463221When the landscape is blanketed with snow and frigid temperatures are constant, typically the only thoughts homeowners have of spring is wishing for warmer temperatures. However, besides mentally escaping the cold, these landscaping tips for February will help you to get your yard ready for the growing season of spring:

Apply Pre-Emergents. Controlling weeds before you see them is the best method of control. In warmer climates, weeds actually start to germinate in February. If left unattended, the weeds will rapidly invade your landscape. Applying a pre-emergent now and following up with a post-emergent application nearer to spring will keep weeds like dandelions at bay.

Apply Fertilizers. Applying a slow-release fertilizer provides your landscape with the right volume of nutrients at the appropriate time. Typically, around 50 percent of the active nitrogen and nutrients are released right when the fertilizer is applied. Depending on how it was formulated, the rest of it will be discharged over the next month or two when more nitrogen is needed to promote optimal growth.

Remove Plants, Shrubs and Grasses Damaged During Winter. You may need to do some pre-spring cleaning to get rid of any winter damage that has been done to your plants, shrubs and grasses. Before the start of the new growth, it is important to trim away any dead matter. Depending on the type of plant, you might need to remove all of the top parts. Getting rid of the wind-whipped or weathered matter enables new growth and a better chance for the plant to flourish when the temperatures get warmer.

You should never allow your landscape to sit idle all throughout the off-season; this will affect how it functions in the spring and beyond. With general preparedness and the help of these February landscaping tips, you can get your yard ready for a bold entry into the next season.

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Tips For Mid-Winter Landscaping

Screen Shot 2017-01-30 at 3.29.12 PMIn the depths of winter it can be difficult to believe spring is actually just around the corner. However, the lawn should not be totally forgotten. There are some important things that must be done to ensure the lawn is prepared for the upcoming season. Below are some winter landscaping tips to keep your lawn protected during the winter and ready for the spring and beyond:

Scatter the Snow. Snow mold could result from extended periods of snow coverage on parts of the lawn. This disease grows beneath layers of leaves during the winter season. Scattering built-up snow can prevent the development of snow mold and also stop air from getting to the soil. This could further prevent the soil from rejuvenating normally in the spring.

Clean Up. Leaving leaves and other debris on the lawn during the winter could be tremendously detrimental. These items could attract damaging pests, create the perfect conditions for diseases and smother the grass. Therefore, it is important to quickly rake away dead leaves to avoid wet spots that could become moldy or mossy. Every couple of weeks, you can sweep the lawn to prevent unwanted damage.

Avoid Excessive Traffic. Only a moderate amount of traffic should be allowed on grass under snow coverage. If there is excessive traffic, your lawn will have a hard time recovering. This will cause it to be slower in becoming green when spring comes around. Walking on wet lawns can cause the lawn to be compacted, which could kill the grass. Keep the walkways free of snow and ice so no one will be tempted to walk across the yard. Additionally, you should never allow any vehicle to be parked on your lawn.

These landscaping tips are just a few of the ways in which you can protect your lawn during the winter.

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Outdoor Living Trends In 2017

2419_Onandaga-1No longer is the backyard just a grassy area dedicated to energetic children and pets. For many, the backyard is an extension of the living space. More and more homeowners are creating comfortable outdoor spaces by incorporating features of the indoors. The outdoor living trends of 2017 are set to continue helping homeowners to create spaces that fit their lifestyles.

These trends include outdoor kitchens, decks and patios, lounge-worthy furniture and visually-appealing and functional lighting. These features can be combined to create the perfect setting. Creating a beautiful and comfortable outdoor space provides the ideal location to decompress and entertain family and friends.

Below are additional outdoor tips and trends to look for in 2017:

Resurgence of Natural Materials. Minimalistic designs have been dominating furniture, décor and hardscaping materials for years. However, you will notice a renewed focus on more natural, less geometric designs. Many homeowners are moving away from the clean and modern look and going for a more do-it-yourself, old-fashioned aesthetic. The year is trending towards features like swing seating, smaller outdoor furniture and free-form decks. These features create more organic and authentic spaces.

Hyper localism. Many landscaping designers are trending towards locally-sourced plants to bring greenery and color to the outdoor space. This includes both native and endemic plants; endemic plants are native to a specific ecosystem. This trend celebrates regionalism and helps to guard against the effects of climate change.

Color Blocking. Color blocking is now making a splash in landscaping designs. This fashion trend involves using discrete blocks of colors to make a bold statement. This is a trend you will see in features like color blocked patio walls. In addition, color blocking can be used to frame or highlight specific plants or areas around the yard.

These outdoor tips and trends can help you to make wise decisions about your landscaping projects.

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Tips For Cooking In The Outdoor Kitchen of Your Dreams

2419_Onandaga-6Outdoor kitchens can add an entirely new dimension to any backyard. They are also great for adding tremendous value to a property. These gems can range from simple to extremely elaborate. Some of these kitchens are complete with amenities like grill, oven, island, countertops, sink and a bar area.

Your dream outdoor kitchen will be largely determined by your budget and design preferences. However, regardless of the kitchen you decide on, it is important to think about the relationship between the outdoor and indoor kitchens. You should consider things like the traffic pattern between the two spaces and how they will be used when entertaining. A great flow between both kitchens will make using them more seamless.

In addition, the design of your dream outdoor kitchen should complement the architecture and landscape of your property. This can be done by using compatible materials and incorporating understated architectural details.

Ideally, low-maintenance equipment and materials should be used in your outdoor kitchen. They should also be able to endure the rigors of the elements. If your kitchen is easy to clean and maintain, you will be more likely to use it on a regular basis. High-quality stainless steel can provide a sanitary, easily-cleaned and corrosion-resistant surface. This makes it a popular choice among homeowners. Countertop materials should also have the capacity to withstand high temperatures and be extremely resistant to grease stains.

A reputable landscaping professional will assist you in designing the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. With help from the above-mentioned outdoor tips, you can tell the designer your ideas and collaborate in creating the perfect outdoor kitchen for you.

Having the outdoor kitchen of your dreams will open up a world of possibilities where cooking and entertaining is concerned. It could also create a highly-functional and visually-appealing centerpiece for your landscape.

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Keeping Your Lawn Healthy During The Winter Season

15732391_10154182105792083_414141784161579441_oEven while your lawn is dormant during the winter, there are steps you can take to keep your grass healthy. Please see the winter landscaping tips below:

Clean Up. Remove toys and rake up leaves and other debris. If this is not done, the grass will not get the sunlight required to keep it healthy. However, the same rule does not apply to mulching, as disbursing the clipping onto the grass actually provides it with water and nutrients.

Water. If watering is necessary, it should be done by midday. Doing this will ensure the water soaks in before freezing temperatures set in at night. Pooling water in certain areas of the lawn could cause damage once it freezes. A more infrequent and deeper watering pattern will help to beef up the rooting system.

Cover Plants (if necessary). As necessary, make note of weather patterns and provide cover for your plants to avoid freezing. Either cloth or plastic covers can be used. Cloths covers are said to provide better coverage; however, they can become weighed down and heavy when they get wet. For plastic covers, you can prevent them from touching the ground by using stakes around the plants. It should also be noted that if any part of the plant touches the plastic, the plant could still freeze.

Do Not Walk on Frozen Grass. The crunch heard while walking on your frozen lawn could actually be the sound of grass breaking. Therefore, you should avoid mowing or walking on it. Even in a dormant state, the look of a lawn that gets a good amount of traffic during winter will be negatively affected when spring comes around.

Following these winter landscaping tips can help you to preserve a beautifully manicured lawn. It could actually become the envy of the neighborhood when spring comes around.

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Patio Design Ideas For The Cooler Months

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 11.30.43 AMThe winter season is not an automatic indication that you should abandon your patio and hibernate indoors. There are patio designs that can make the space comfortable and visually appealing while the elements rage on the outside. If you want to extend your outdoor living into the winter season, these patio design landscaping tips could help:

Go for an enclosure. Screens can be used to control the temperature on the patio. By providing shade from excess breeze, screens are great for generating warmth. Best of all, there is a screen available for pretty much any budget. The choices range from plastic to glass walls, which allow clear views of your surroundings. They also help the patio to stay dry.

Bring the heat. Having an outdoor fireplace is a great method for extending patio time during the winter. Cranking up the fireplace is a remarkable way to keep loved ones warm while entertaining during the winter. There is the option of having a permanent fireplace or using portable fireplaces.

A propane-powered outdoor heater can also be used to bring heat to your patio during the winter. It will keep you warm as you strengthen bonds with the people you love. Winter is the perfect time for roasting marshmallow and laughing with your loved ones. An outdoor heater can help to make it happen.

Add warmth and comfort. Nothing is quite as soothing and comforting as having pillows and blankets to keep you and your loved ones warm while spending quality time on your patio during the winter. There are few things cozier that draping yourself with a warm blanket, while snuggling up to a fluffy throw pillow or two. With the pillows and blankets, the overall décor will get a boost as well. Adding seasonal colors is great for a visual feast.

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