Spring Lawn Care Basics

grassOnce the weather finally changes over to warm and dry, you have the chance to get out in your yard and start making it look great for the spring and summer seasons. At Hidden Creek, we know just how important spring lawn care is to have your property in good shape. Here are some helpful tips on the basics of spring lawn care:

Deep Raking

Even though you raked up the majority of the leaves and debris back in the fall, it’s time to do some deep raking to get your lawn looking good again. Deep raking involves more than just cleaning up the surface. You need to tackle lawn thatch, clearing away roots, stems, and leaves. This is also a great way to get rid of that brown, dead grass that’s left behind from the cold winter weather.


Even the nicest lawns are bound to have a few bare patches here and there. Prep the soil, and then spread fresh grass seed down on those bare spots. Make sure to water daily. In a few weeks, you should start to see new grass coming in. Wait until it reaches a few inches in height before going over new grass with the lawn mower. You can also trim small patches with hand clippers to keep things looking neat until you can mow.

Pulling Weeds

In the spring, you can start to prepare your flower beds and vegetable gardens in the yard by pulling out weeds. Locate any weeds or crabgrass growing on your own, and get rid of them right away. You also may find that you have weeds growing along your walkway or driveway. You can either use an herbicide to prevent the growth, or just pull them out by hand as you see them coming in. There are many products for weed prevention that will save you the stress of having to keep up with weed growth, and it will help your lawn to have nice curb appeal, too.

Getting your lawn prepared for the summer season can be pleasant and enjoyable on an early spring day. With a little work, you’ll have your lawn looking lovely in no time at all.

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How To Include Edible Landscaping In Your Design

A spacious yard can be much more than just a pretty place to sit. Make your property unique by turning part of your yard into a gorgeous garden, growing a variety of fresh fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Not only will it provide delicious fresh foods, but it can also blend in beautifully with an elegant landscaping design. The winter season is the ideal time to start planning the layout of yard spaces that are functional and attractive.

Maximizing Value

By planting a garden of any size, you will be adding value to your yard by making it useful and functional. Enjoy healthy, fresh fruits and veggies without purchasing them from a farmer’s market or grocery store. It isn’t about saving money on produce and herbs, but about transforming part of your yard into something truly valuable to your family.

Creating Colorful Areas

Many plants are desirable because of their vibrant colors and lush textures. There are plenty of ways to use edible plants in a landscaping design. Lettuces and cabbages are a fine example of plants that can be grown alongside grasses and flowers.

You could opt for raised beds, which can be achieved by using wooden boxes and framed areas for different plants. This is a great way to make the most of space, as well as to keep the garden organized and neat. You get a variety of heights, layers, and textures, giving the garden a lush look.

Natural Materials

A simple way to dress up any landscape design is by adding natural materials like stones, brick pavers, and even wood. Just because you’re growing edibles doesn’t mean that you can’t incorporate natural elements. Place stones around raised beds, use pavers to make walkways between plants, and add wooden trellises for vining plants to grow along.

When planning a landscape design for your yard, be sure to include an area for an edible garden. You can enjoy fresh foods, as well as a variety of colors and textures.

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