Outdoor Living Trends In 2016

shutterstock_72658555Outdoor living space has become increasingly popular with homeowners, as people seek to add more usable space and add value to their properties. From decks to patios to gardens, there are many ways to transform an outside area and make it the perfect spot for relaxing and entertaining. Here are some hot outdoor living trends to look out for in 2016:

Fire Features. Fire features are becoming a must-have item for outdoor areas, serving as a focal point and a source of warmth and light in the evenings. From gas fire pits to traditional wood burning fireplaces, homeowners are seeking to create ambiance and add style. Fire features can be purchased and installed right out of the box, or they can be custom made to fit a specific area or achieve a certain look.

High Quality Furnishings. In order to make an outdoor living area a true extension of the home, it needs comfortable furniture. Homeowners should invest in quality furnishings that add style and comfort, allowing them to create a true living and dining space that the family can enjoy throughout the year. Ample seating also makes entertaining a breeze, giving guests plenty of spots to sit down and relax.

Edible Landscaping. With a beautiful patio or deck, it makes sense that homeowners would want the surrounding landscaping to look great, as well. However, maintaining the landscaping can be both costly and time consuming. One popular trend is edible landscaping, where gardens filled with herbs, vegetables, and other produce are combined with more traditional gardens of flora and fauna. Plant beds are both practical and convenient. Growing fresh herbs is a great way to add fragrance to outdoor areas, and they can also be grown in stylish pots and planters. Edible landscaping is low maintenance, making it an obvious choice for busy families.

Creating a comfortable, functional outdoor living area continues to be important for homeowners. From fire pits to fresh foods to stylish furnishings, there are many great ways to enhance outdoor spaces. These 2016 trends are likely to continue being popular with patio lovers for a long time to come.

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