Restore Lawn Beauty This Spring

April is the perfect time to start restoring your home’s lawn beauty. As the temperature warms up and the flowers begin to bloom, getting your lawn looking green and fresh should be a priority. Here are a few of the best spring lawn care tips to have your property looking lovely:

Do a Quick Cleanup

Since the ground is usually still soft and muddy in parts, you’ll want to do a quick and careful clean up. Gently rake up debris, such as leaves and branches, taking care to avoid soggy soil patches. It will take several warm and sunny days in a row to really start drying up the ground, so just focus on the areas that you can tend to in early spring.

Work on Weeds

Prepping your lawn for better curb appeal will require removing those stubborn weeds. Pull out what you can by hand on the lawn, along driveways and sidewalks, and in flower patches. You can treat your lawn with a weed control product, and it is best to do this before putting grass seed down on bare patches. Using a weed control chemical can help prevent the growth of crabgrass.

Growing Grass

Spring is the ideal time to start growing grass. Make sure that your lawn is level by fixing trouble spots. You can fill them in with a nutritive soil to level it out. This will ensure that the grass seed has enough nutrients to help the growing process along. Once you have the lawn prepped, you can then put down grass seed and tend to it daily. Make sure that you keep it watered accordingly. It’s very common to have bare patches on your lawn after a cold and snowy winter.

Check Your Equipment

You will want to make sure that your lawn mower is in good working condition so that once you’re grass is ready to be mowed, your equipment is up to the task. Don’t mow too soon over new grass growth. Have your lawn care clippers sharpened to keep things trimmed up, purchase a new pair of gardening gloves, and get ready to enjoy a beautiful lawn all spring and summer long.

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