How To Use Your Outdoor Patio For Thanksgiving Entertaining

20140828_bender_0168As the festive mood grips each one of us, there is the unrelenting temptation to settle into the usual routine of buying Christmas turkey, selecting eccentric stuffing and inviting relatives over for dinner. Of course, sitting around a table in the beautiful glow of Christmas lights in a cozy indoor atmosphere is somewhat of a sacred American tradition that lends itself to much excitement and merry making. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t break the ranks and consider an outdoor thanksgiving celebration, especially if you’re blessed with a patio. All you really need is a few tips from seasoned outdoor decor specialists.

Think In Terms Of Color: A Little Vibrancy Won’t Kill

When the word thanksgiving is mentioned, colorful images flare up in the mind. So quite naturally, your outdoor landscaping designs must exude vibrancy. Planting flowers like lilies and petunias, plants like sedum, and colorfully leafy plants like bronze and golden mums, is a great way to ‘implant’ effervescence to your walkways, porches and patios.

Flowering Vines: A Tangling Delight

Vines have a penchant of being all over the place, rambling over walls, fences, trellises and anything they can wrap themselves around. There are, however, some pretty delightful vines out there that actually bloom in a wide array of colours, like the clematis. The clematis vines bloom in purple, pink, red and the occasionally rare blue. Having these will surely add a touch of sophistication if that is what you seek to impart to your outdoor thanksgiving dinner party.

Fill The Air With Sweet Aromas

There is nothing quite like a flower that gives off a sweet aroma by its mere presence. One particular flower that quickly comes to mind is the cranium. Not only are cranium lilies fragrant, but they are beautiful as well.

Outdoor entertaining for thanksgiving is never easy, especially if you wish to be different. But if you take time to consult with leading landscaping

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Tips For Transforming Your Outdoor Living Space With Luxury Lighting

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 9.17.35 AMOne of the most overlooked, yet essential elements to creating the ideal patio for outdoor living is the lighting. Luxury lighting adds both decorative beauty, but also helps to truly make the ambiance of the outdoor area just right. Here are some tips on transforming your outdoor living space with beautiful, functional luxury lighting:

Install lights that are hidden from plain view. Patios are typically made out of concrete, stone, tile, or brick pavers. That can make it more challenging to install lighting on an existing patio, but if you are going to be putting in a brand new one, you can plan the light scheme from the start. With an existing area, you’ll want to place lights in ways that will complement the layout. Consider hiding some landscape lights in the ground by drilling through the patio.

Add elegant wall fixtures. Another excellent way to illuminate the area after dusk is with wall lighting. There are many stylish and elegant fixtures that are designed for the outdoors. Not only will they be aesthetically pleasing, but they’ll also provide a light source that isn’t overpowering. There are also lights that can be built into the design of stone and brick walls, providing much needed illumination for both safety and style. With strategic placement, the light can be cast along walkways, in seating areas, and can even extend out around a swimming pool.

Once the sun sets, your outdoor space can be transformed into a cool, comfortable area to relax and entertain. Lighting is an essential element, and it can serve to add style, enhance the design, and make the exterior living space safer. When designing your outdoor area, be sure to take luxury lighting into consideration so that you can create the beautiful look that you’ll enjoy using throughout the year, both day and night.

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Tips To Make Outdoor Entertaining Easy

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 1.33.52 PMSummer is the ideal season for outdoor lovers. One of the best ways to enjoy your beautifully landscaped yard is to host friends and family. There is nothing quite like enjoying fine company, good food and exceptional weather in the comfort and familiarity of your own home. Below are some easy entertaining tips to make your next outdoor gathering a success:

Mow to Perfection. Make sure to mow your lawn and prune your shrubs and trees. When entertaining outdoors, you should ensure your yard is looking its best. Call Hidden Creek Landscaping to handle this task for you and free up more time to prep for entertaining your fellow outdoor lovers.

Remain Cool. The summer heat is no joke and can quickly zap the energy out of both your guests and the party itself. Therefore, you should avoid hosting outdoor events between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m; during this time, the sun is at its hottest and very difficult to escape. You can opt for a brunch in the morning, a mixer late in the afternoon or host an evening dinner party on your beautifully manicured lawn. Even at these more ideal periods, the heat can be persistent. As such, you can provide guests with spritz bottles filled with iced water to cool their faces and arms. You should also ensure there are plenty of cold beverages to keep your guests hydrated.

Provide Lots of Comfy Seating. Use cushions and pillows to cover your chairs, benches and sofas to make them extra comfortable. You can even get a few oversized pillows to throw on the grass to provide additional seating. Cluster the seating areas so guests will find it easy to mingle with each other.

Having made these provisions, you can add mood music. However, it should be at a level that doesn’t interfere with conversations among guests.

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Tips To Save For Your Dream Patio

20130918_hiddencreek_0458-Edit_59-Edit_60-Edit_fusedA patio is essentially an organized space that effortlessly combines the best of the outdoors with some of the comforts of inside. Patios can range from very simple to extremely elaborate. A few square feet of pavers can create a small patio or it could be a sprawling construction with gardens, walkways and even a swimming pool. Some patios can rival the nicest living room and can be a haven for outdoor lovers. Patios have a wide variety of designs and costs. Whether you are planning on renovating or construction a patio, the budget will play a vital role in how it ultimately looks and functions.

For best results, a professional landscaping company should be hired to undertake your patio project. These experts will ensure that your new patio matches or complements existing features of your property. They can also create 3D designs that will give you good idea of how the patio will look in your outdoor space. Best of all, they are able to give patio lovers professional advice and saving tips on how to get a dream patio in the future.

If budgetary restrictions are hindering you from having your dream patio constructed right now, you can figure out the estimated cost of the patio you desire and start saving for your future masterpiece. To make your dream a reality, it is important to figure out a few essential things.

• You need to determine how the patio will be used; for example, will you be hosting large family gatherings or do you want to merely enjoy morning coffee alone or with a loved one?

• The type of furniture you want to use on the patio should be considered as well. Will a bistro set be enough or do you prefer a large table to seat many people? Deciding on the furniture you would like to have will help you to better determine the right layout, shape and size for your patio.

A landscape contractor has the capacity to assist you in determining the best patio for your budget and outdoor space. During the planning stage, they could even show you projects they have previously completed so you can have a better idea of what will work for your space. You could also get ideas from friends and family. Saving and putting your effort and time into proper planning with a professional will ensure the perfect patio for you.

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Tips For Bringing Your Interior Style Outdoors

shutterstock_76346107-2You’ve heard it many times before that your outdoor living area should be an extension of your indoor living space. Yet how do you transfer your interior style to your backyard when the elements you choose must be able to withstand all types of weather while also blending into landscaping?

Obviously, you’ll want weather-friendly furniture with mildew- and mold-resistant fabrics that also won’t fade when exposed to the sun. Frames should also be resistant to rust. The first of several tips to bring your interior style to the outdoors is to define the mood and personality of your interior scheme. Is it modern, traditional, bold, or soft and cozy? After determining this element, you can select outdoor furniture that will continue your theme. Take your time selecting pieces to make sure that the colors and fabrics will blend seamlessly from indoors to outdoors.

Accent pieces are just as important in an outdoor setting as they are indoors. Carefully choose accent tables, making sure that they are weather-proof. Decorative throw pillows in light colors add comfort and help furniture portray a relaxed and comfortable feeling. Outdoor area rugs can also give an outdoor living and dining area a homey feel. Instead of traditional concrete, consider natural stone tiles for a warmer look.

Lighting is another crucial aspect. Cleverly-hung outdoor fixtures can create a welcoming and decorative atmosphere. For covered areas, you can also consider table lamps to set a mood during any gathering.

Landscaping can play an interesting role in creating atmosphere for your outdoor living space. Use bushes and small trees to create living barriers that will create walls to define the area and keep out prying eyes. Place potted plants in strategic areas if you include normally include greenery in indoor decor. Use greenery in unique ways like incorporating climbing vines on latticework or on a pergola for additional splashes of color.

An outdoor kitchen will go a long way toward emulating your indoor living space as kitchens always act as gathering places. Such an area will also allow you to prepare and serve food to guests with much less effort, leaving more time for socialization.

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