How Does Winter Weather Affect Landscaping?

While winter weather can be beautiful to look at, it can have an ugly impact on your landscaping. Cold weather brings dry air, snow, and frost which can leave your plants and lawn looking run-down by the time the spring season finally arrives. Here’s a closer look at the effects of winter on landscaping:

Wind Damage
Wind can cause damage in any season, and in the winter, it can also be accompanied by snow. Blowing snow drifts can cause snow to pile up on some areas of the lawn, while other spots may see less accumulation. This can cause some areas to see worse damage than others. Winds can also lead to downed branches from trees and shrubs. Even if the plant is well-established, this damage can still kill it. To prevent this, pruning before the winter is important. During the season, you may also consider shaking the snow off or gently removing it with a broom.

Dry Air
Winter can bring plenty of moisture in the form of frost, snow, and ice, but the cold air that sticks around for months is dry and lacking in moisture. Just like our lips and skin dry out after exposure to the cold, plants will too. The dry air, especially when combined with the wind, can cause plants of all kinds to dry out. Evergreen trees are especially vulnerable to damage from the dry air. One way to reduce the negative effects is by pruning and fertilizing plants before the cold air sets in.

Heavy, Wet Snow
Snow can lead to several different problems for plants and lawns. One issue is snow mold growth, which occurs when snow that has accumulated on turf starts to melt. The mold growth leads to patches of brown and pink which kills the grass. In the spring, the grass may need to be raked and reseeded if the damage is too severe. Prevention is the key, and can be handled by properly aerating and fertilizing the lawn beforehand.

winter weather affects landscaping

Heavy snowfall can also damage plants and trees. As snow piles up on branches, it can cause the branches to sag and snap under the weight. Again, proper pruning of trees, shrubs, and other small plants is essential in the weeks before the cold and wet weather settles in. By keeping these plants pruned, it will be easier to prevent limb breakage.

Professional Care
One of the best ways to keep your lawn and gardens in great shape is by working with a professional landscaper. They have the right equipment, knowledge, and skills to maintain the look and quality of your landscaping throughout the year. Proper prevention can help reduce the damage that cold winter weather can do to your property.

When it comes to keeping your landscaping looking its best throughout the year, proper preventative measures and quality care-taking measures are key. By taking steps to protect your lawn and garden, you’ll be able to ensure that the cold weather doesn’t do severe damage to your landscaping during the winter months.

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Benefits of Working With A Professional Landscaping Service

10704401_10152465654987083_3903207040874199632_oLandscaping is one of the most effective ways to improve your property’s curb appeal. Homeowners seeking tips, advice, and assistance to help enhance the look of their property should contact an experienced professional company. Here are some of the benefits of working with a professional landscaping service:

Cost Effective.Landscaping can quickly become an expensive endeavor for homeowners. There are many different attractive plants, lawn features, and expensive maintenance equipment available today. A professional service knows just what plants and features will work best for your property, and they already have all of the necessary equipment to install and maintain a beautiful landscape design.

Quality Materials. Many homeowners may not even know where to start when it comes to landscape design. Professionals know how to create and design the ideal layout for the area, and they know the best quality materials to use for a beautiful result. Rather than wasting time trying to come up with a design, you can leave it up to the experts who have the experience and the know-how to transform an ordinary lawn into something extraordinary. Don’t invest in lawn care equipment that may not even be right for the job. A pro service will come prepared with the necessary tools, and they will choose the highest quality materials to get your home looking its best.

Keeps the Property Looking Great. Life can get busy, and there are times when homeowners just can’t fit landscaping and yard maintenance into their packed schedules. With a pro service, there’s no reason to let the property go and neglect it during busy times. It will be mowed, trimmed, and maintained regularly. This is especially helpful if you’re going to be away for work, or away on vacation. You won’t have to worry about returning home to an overgrown lawn.

A professional landscaping company has the skills, experience, and equipment needed to give your home great curb appeal. You can save both time and money by choosing to hire experts to enhance the look of your property. Bring out your home’s beauty and take the stress out of maintenance by hiring a professional landscaping service.

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