Tips To Save For The Landscaping You Love This Year

Screen Shot 2016-02-17 at 11.41.27 AMTrying to save money on landscaping to build your outdoor living space can be a stressful situation. As if that’s not hard enough, prices for materials such as soil, wood and rocks, fluctuate seasonally. Below are some tips to keep in mind as you shop for your outdoor living dream.

Design. Although it’s cheaper to build a square patio, it’s no bargain if you find the result unappealing. It may be worth it to pay a designer to create a your dream space that you can use during your favorite seasons or all year around.

Plan. We will work closely with your land to create an outdoor environment that enhances your lifestyle and home value. From creating a plan for your home to maximize views and limit grading disturbance, to minimizing future landscape maintenance, we have the expertise to solve problems on paper.

Phases. Not everyone has the financial resources to landscape their backyard all at once. Divide your project into phases. You’ll save and be able to evaluate your progress and adjust plans each step of the way.

Time. Time management is the key to saving. Lumber for outdoor projects is often cheaper during winter months. Don’t rush out to buy newly released plant varieties. When production catches up in a few years, prices will likely drop.

Still need help saving for your outdoor living dream? Call us today to create a your dream space that you can use during your favorite seasons or all year around!

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