The Singular Elegance Of A Tuscan Garden

Celebrating the old world style of Italy, Tuscan Landscaping epitomizes charm and elegance. Hidden Creek Landscaping can create the simple beauty of a Tuscan garden. Its singular look has many characteristics, but there are some elements that epitomize the earthy, yet graceful style.

Using materials and colors found in nature, the Tuscan garden has an earthy appeal. Surfaces are often natural stone with warm tones, like slate, flagstone, or even gravel. Crafted items, for other purposes, include materials like terra cotta, or brilliantly colored ceramic tiles that incorporate rich natural jewel tones. The warm tones of teak in benches and other furnishings carry on the Mediterranean ambiance while wrought iron accents express old world appeal.

Vegetation in a Tuscan garden plays a key role. There are many varieties of the Mediterranean plants typical to Tuscany that can be grown in a colder climate, as well as hardier species with the same style of plant life from Tuscany’s temperate climate. Larger trees like the Italian Cypress, or the Boxwood, provide a genuine atmosphere. Shrubs and smaller trees can be grown in strategically placed large urns or planters. A functional garden, with fragrant herbs, fruits and vegetables, provides an authentic touch.

Hidden Creek Landscaping can create a one of a kind Tuscan masterpiece with an expertise that comes only from a long history of exceptional landscape design. We pride ourselves on our ability to include our customers as partners, because it is only by listening to their wishes that we can truly succeed. Contact us today for more information about our landscaping services, and to get started on your landscaping transformation!

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