Themes For Backyard High School Graduation Parties

hcl blog 1-5As summertime nears, another school year is coming to an end. Many parents of seniors are beginning to plan high school graduation parties. Instead of renting an ordinary venue, a much better idea is a backyard celebration. Here are some unique themes and helpful tips that will please guests and make unforgettable memories.

Graduation Luau. One great way to celebrate a high school graduation is with a luau party. Thanks to your lush backyard landscaping, it will be easy to stage a luau. Instead of using ordinary stationary invitations, a more creative way to inform guests about the party is to send plastic bottles filed with shells, sand, and a rolled up paper describing the details. During the party, reggae music can be pumped through your outdoor speaker system, and the barbecue will be the center of the action. Burgers, chicken, and fish should fill the grill. Fresh fruits should keep flowing, and the event can be completed with a “Congratulations” pineapple cake. As the evening temperatures cool, guests can warm up around your fire pit.

Graduation Pool Party. A pool party is a great theme for teenagers. It requires little planning but is always fun. Dinner can be prepared on the grill. For extra ambiance, a tiki bar would be perfect. One can be easily assembled, or an existing backyard bar can be decorated with straw and lanterns. In the pool, setting up a floating volleyball net will be fun. Numerous beach balls should be inflated as well. Outside the pool, limbo is a great game that gets everyone involved. As the music plays, guests can show how low they can go.

Time Capsule Party. High school graduation is a one time event that is remembered for a lifetime. A wonderful way to commemorate this occasion is by creating a time capsule. A simple barbecue cookout can be the setting for a time capsule graduation party. Each guest should bring a high school memento and pictures. During the party, everyone writes messages and future dreams onto paper. All items are placed into an airtight container and buried. Hopefully, everyone returns in a few years to reminisce.

The above graduation party themes are just a few ideas to help celebrate the milestone event. The provided tips should help transform your beautiful backyard into a fun party atmosphere.

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