Tips To Avoid Weeds This Spring

shutterstock_581198158Weed intrusion can be tremendously overwhelming and can seem like a never-ending nightmare. These intruders germinate quickly and as such, fast action is necessary to get rid of them. Below are some spring landscaping tips to help you prevent weeds this season and beyond:

Healthy Grass. Having a healthy lawn is the best weed-control technique. Weeds typically indicate soil problem or that the lawn needs more nutrients.

Proper Watering. Properly watering the lawn will assist in fighting weeds. Your lawn should be watered roughly once weekly with approximately one inch of water. This helps to grow deep grass roots, stopping the weeds.

Mulch. Lay approximately 2 inches of mulch on areas of your yard in which you want flowers to grow or where you do not want grass to grow. Mulch keeps the soil cool, helps plants to thrive and prevent weed seeds from taking root.

Grow Tall Grass. Grow tall grass by setting your lawn mower to its highest settings. Tall, thick grass provides shade for the weed seeds. This makes it more difficult for weeds to sprout.
Pre-emergent herbicides. These herbicides will prevent the weeds from embedding themselves into the soil. Controlling weeds is quite labor-intensive; however, the exceptional rewards are well worth the effort. If you prefer to forgo the task of do-it-yourself weed control this spring, there are professional landscapers available. These experts will undertake the task and leave your yard looking its best throughout year. Having a beautiful yard to enjoy during the spring and beyond is priceless.

If you have weed problems you are unable to control or you would rather pass on, professional help is available. This will prevent those parasites from killing your plants and ruining the look of your outdoor space. Prevent weeds and fully enjoy your yard this season and beyond.

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