Transform Your Backyard In 2016

hiddencreek-2It’s a New Year, and with the New Year comes desires for many new things, such as a new you, a new home, and even new landscaping and outdoors designs. Check out these exciting ideas for transforming your landscaping into a new yard or outdoor space in 2016.

Sustainability. A recent, but growing, trend in landscaping is low maintenance sustainability. With this goal in mind, utilizing drought-resistant plants and shrubs while less grass can not only decrease the amount of water required, but it can be less expensive over time and provide you with more free time. The good news is that low-maintenance and drought-resistant plants do not sacrifice aesthetics. Many lend themselves well to gorgeous landscaping designs.
Edibles as Aesthetics. In the past, most people have kept their aesthetic and edible plants separated, with the aesthetics at the forefront of their landscaping design. Suddenly, edibles have moved their way to the front of many gardens, in plain sight. These blended gardens not only provide beautiful landscaping, but they also provide a harvest of fruit, vegetables, and herbs. These types of gardens are also ideal, as they can give a bountiful resource for many communities.
Quality Over Bling. Big showy landscapes are becoming so last year. Homeowners are now leaning towards quality materials that are natural and long-lasting. Good landscaping designs will incorporate scale and be more about practicality and longevity than trendy. Natural stone and wood elements are popular in many landscaping and outdoor designs.
Water is Always in. Water continues to be one of the biggest landscaping trends of 2016. While the way we work with water and the way it is used and displayed will change over time, using water in a landscaping design has stood the test of time. Self-contained water systems are now eco-friendly and inexpensive. Landscaping designs that feature water can fit nearly any budget; from a simple urn or fountain to a custom built waterfall or even a water wall.
Going Green. In addition to landscaping that requires less water and maintenance, outdoor landscaping trends now include outdoor spaces that do not require major regrading of the existing or natural land and the construction of retaining walls. This allows for a more natural look and feels and makes a home more eco-friendly than a conventional backyard. Decks and outdoor spaces can be built into the natural grading of the land, making for an eye-catching design.

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