Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you design landscapes? Can I see what it might look like?
    A. Yes. We like to provide multiple options of what it might look like after an agreed upon design fee.
  2. I have great ideas, how can you help me design the perfect yard?
    A. By utilizing our dream builder we aim to meet your goals and expectations. Our design process is a collaborative effort between client, design and sales.
  3. Do you have references?
    A. We can provide as many references as you would like. Our website also includes over 100 reviews from past clients.
  4. Are you a licensed Landscaper? What type of license do you have? Are you insured?
    A. There is no specific license to be a landscaper unfortunately. However, we staff graduates of landscape architecture, horticulturists, and turf science professionals. Our company has several licensed chemical applicators through the Ohio Department of Agriculture. We also encourage all employees to pursue landscape specific certifications including OCNT, LIC, and irrigation certifications.
  5. What type of residential work do you do?
    A. There is nothing we don’t do in regards to the exterior enhancement of your property and the maintenance of the grounds. We specialize in exceeding expectations on new design and implementation.
  6. What type of commercial work do you do?
    A. Design, Installation, Grounds Management, Irrigation, and Snow Removal.
  7. What areas do you serve?
    A. Greater Central Ohio Area
  8. Is there a warranty on installations?
    A. Absolutely
  9. Where do you get your plants?
    A. We utilize multiple suppliers specializing in Midwest grown plant material.
  10. Who will work on my property?
    A. Your property will be serviced by uniformed professionals from all levels of our company.
  11. Will I need to pull a permit?
    A. Permits are specific to scope of work and state, city, local municipality and homeowners association requirements.
  12. What is Hardscaping?
    A. Hardsurface elements within a landscape including patios, fire features, water features, kitchens, driveways, and retaining walls.
  13. Are the chemicals you use safe? Do you offer Organic options?
    A. All chemicals are regulated by the Ohio Department of Agriculture and applied by licensed and trained professionals. Yes, Organics can be offered upon request.
  14. What is the typical time frame for a project?
    A. All projects start with a design which can take approximately 2-10 weeks depending on size and scope of the project. A time frame will be provided upon approval of the final project.
  15. Do you build pergolas and outdoor shelters?
    A. Absolutely. We can design and facilitate all elements desired to create your ideal oasis.