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We take great pride in our track record of successful projects and our collaborative design process with customers. A key component of our success is the proper, up-front planning and discovery stage.

That is why all of our projects, quotes, and consultations begin with the Dream Builder form.

If you have any questions about completing the form please don't hesitate to contact us. Once completed, we will reach out to you shortly to continue the conversation.

We look forward to helping you build your next dream project!


How did you hear about Hidden Creek?    
Can you describe how you typically entertain and for how many people?
What hobbies and activities do you and your family enjoy?
Can you provide a Plot Plan and/or Architectural Drawings of your home and property?


What special circumstances on the property should we be aware of?
What is your time frame for the project completion?
What special events do you have coming up?
What professional designers have you worked with?

Do you have a current master plan of your property?
Have you already had a drawing of the project you're considering prepared by another company?


What areas of your residence are you looking to enhance with an outdoor renovation?
What features are you interested in?
Are there any specific materials and colors you're interested in? Any to avoid?
Do you have any photos or can you provide a link to photos of specific elements you’re interested in?
How would you describe your style?


Are there any plants you require or plants you dislike?
What color flowers do you prefer? Dislike?
Do you enjoy gardening as a hobby or prefer lower maintenance?

Irrigation & Lighting

Do you currently have an irrigation system?
If so, does the irrigation system specifically water the landscape features?
If no, are you looking to have one installed?
Do you currently have a landscape lighting system?
If no, are you looking to have one installed?

Budget & Next Steps

What amount do you have budgeted for this project?
How did you base your budget?
How will you make a decision on which landscaping option to choose?
Who besides yourself is involved in the decision making process on this landscape project?