Arlington Retreat

15 years after a beautiful home addition, the exterior of this property was in need of an update of its own. The goal was to have an expanded outdoor living space that seamlessly integrated with the existing home as well as redesign the landscape throughout the yard. In the backyard, the project included a new lower bluestone patio divided into two areas. The first area is defined by the outdoor kitchen with a built-in grill, Green Egg, refrigerator, trash, and wood storage. Separated by a large stone dining table, the second area includes a custom designed and digitally controlled salt-water spa with a waterfall, and seating underneath a pergola. The overall landscape was inspired by the owner’s love of English gardens. The formality of the boxwood hedges introduced in the back reappears in the front to better define the entry. New trees, shrubs, and perennials were introduced throughout the entire yard, mixing in with existing material to provide a lush landscape. Previously underutilized, the side yard now contains a raised vegetable garden with new vegetative screening of the pool and house equipment. A custom wrought iron trellis was designed to match the existing ironwork on the front of the house and creates a focal point on the exterior fireplace. New wrought iron and wood fencing encloses the backyard providing both privacy and security.

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